The task

Kontor, the world's biggeste dance music label, wanted to promote the new Boris Dlugosch track to the advertising industry.

But the target audience - creative directors - notoriously ignore regular promo CDs

The Idea

So for their mailing Kontor used what DJs use - Real Vinyl! But how could anybody play it? Tha answar was to make the record player part of the mailing it self.

The Office Turntable. With a special smarphone device, it combines analog and digital fun.

The results

73% of the 900 office turntables was activated. That's 10x the regular response rate!

42% accessed

The Office Turntable features in the new Boris Dlugosch video on music channels, off - and online.


Watch the case video here



Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Germany

Client: Kontor Records