How we prepare for Black Friday and Christmas

How we prepare for Black Friday and Christmas

The high season is approaching, with Black Friday and Christmas as the major online sales periods. Record-high parcel volumes are expected once again this year.

Cars in red and green

Our peak period forecasts indicate that we can expect at least the same number of parcels as last year. To handle the increasing parcel volumes, a number of measures are being implemented to ensure that your customers receive their purchases on time. We're bringing in extra personnel at terminals and for distribution, and 200 new drivers will be delivering parcels to people’s homes.

During the past year, we have set up parcel boxes at more than 600 locations across Norway. This will make it even easier to pick up parcels. By the end of the year, there will be parcel boxes at 1,000 locations. We've also improved our home parcel delivery service for large parts of Norway, with a shorter delivery window of one hour, instead of four hours, for the largest towns. We also do home deliveries on Saturdays in the Oslo area.

Seven quick facts about what we're doing to tackle increased parcel volumes:

  1. Since 2020, we've increased the number of pickup points to around 2,300 across Norway. By the end of 2021, the number of pickup points will be 2,600.
  2. We've purchased 150 new containers and 4,000 parcel cages to help us handle the Christmas rush.  
  3. As from and including Black Week, full weekend production is also planned at the sorting terminals.
  4. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, we'll be delivering parcels to the pickup points in the Oslo area, and parcels will be available for collection during the stores’ opening hours.
  5. Text message/e-mail notifications will be sent requesting recipients to pick up their parcels quickly, in order to free up storage space for new parcels on shelves and floors.    
  6. Home delivery on Saturdays is already taking place in Oslo and its environs, and during the busiest weeks we'll also be making home deliveries on Saturdays in the rest of Norway.
  7. From November 15th, the time window for evening home deliveries will be extended to 15:00-22:00. Our APIs will be updated. (If you have hard-coded time windows in your online store, we recommend that you update these to the correct time).

From October 30th, we've introduced Saturday as an ordinary operating day in Oslo and its environs. This means that parcels arriving at the Logistics Centre in Oslo on Fridays before 21:30 will be delivered to parcel boxes and pickup points on the following day.

Row of red Posten containers
150 new containers will handle the increased parcel volumes between our terminals.

Our customer service department is geared up for increased traffic, with extra staff ready to provide support by phone and live chat. Posten keeps the tracking app, all websites and the chatbot updated, to make it as easy as possible for your customers to get help.

Together we'll make it happen

We'll do everything we can to make sure that your parcels arrive on time. There are also some things that you and your online store can do to ensure that everything runs smoothly. To make sure that parcels reach the right person, in good condition and in time, we all need to help each other.

  • Please contact us if you expect major changes in volumes.
  • Deliver your parcels to us as early as possible, and remember to include the recipient's mobile number, so that we can provide correct notifications during the process.
  • Do you have any empty parcel cages that are not being used? Please send them along at your next pickup. Parcel cages are always in short supply during the high season.  
  • Offer your customers “Bag on the door” if you have Parcel to Mailbox as a delivery option. This is an additional service whereby the parcel is delivered in a bag hung on the door if the mailbox is full or if the parcel is too large for the mailbox. This means that your customers do not have to go to a pickup point if a parcel needs to be returned there.  
  • Package all parcels securely so that the contents can withstand handling and transport. Make sure labels are readable and correctly positioned.
  • Also remember to transfer the EDI file in due time, so that the parcels don't get stuck in transit and risk being delayed.
Home delivery parcel
Home delivery is becoming a more and more popular delivery option during the peak season.

Greener deliveries

According to this year’s Sustainable Brand Index survey, Norwegians regard Bring as the second most sustainable brand in the parcels and logistics industry, after Posten. We make clear environmental requirements of ourselves and our business partners, and by the end of 2025 we will only use renewable energy sources in all our vehicles and buildings.

This means that in the longer term all of our services can be fossil-free. Some of the things we're proud to have already achieved include:

  • 100% green home delivery of parcels in Oslo city centre.
  • 100% green delivery to all of our parcel boxes in Oslo city centre.
  • We do emission-free delivery of letters and parcels to mailboxes in 49 towns, and we're catching up when it comes to parcel distribution too.
  • Over 30% of our vehicles are fossil-free, with a target of 39% for 2021 – which we'll soon have achieved.

All delivery deadlines can be found on our Christmas site.
Best of luck with your sales!

We look forward to serving you during this hectic period of the year. We're well prepared and will do our utmost to deliver your customers' parcels in line with your expectations. 

Published 2021.10.18
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