Return packet

  • Give your customer peace of mind by offering free return.
  • You simply buy a postage code online to cover the return postage for your customer.

Our return service is accessible for returns of all types of mail up to 2 kg. Packet returns are

sent by regular mail without tracking and is best suited for small items with low value. Domestic only.

You get access to the service through Mybring, which also gives you a full overview of all your customers packet returns. An agreement must be entered before starting your return service. Please call our customer service on 04045 and we will provide you with an unique Return ID giving you access to use postage codes.

Prices from 1.1.2020

Price per item - exclusive of VAT
0-1 kg: 34.00
1-2 kg: 53.00

Please note that all packet returns must be labelled with a postage code label. Read more and see a template of the label in the terms and conditions. The packets are sent in return as ordinary mail. 

How to proceed

Select the service level most in line with your returns policy:

Make it easy for your customer

Enclose a return label with all your deliveries. Customers who needs to return a packet simply download a return label with the postage code at

Set up a self-service returns service

Enclose guidelines on your returns policy with all your deliveries. Your customers log in to to download and print out a complete return label including the postage code.

Online return service on your website

Set up a direct link to on your website and offer your customers an online packet returns service.

Pre-approval on returns

Your customers contacts you for approval when a packet return is needed. If you accept the return you simply send you customer a complete return label with a postage code.