Packing and labelling Unaddressed mail

Packing and labelling

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Packing on EUR-pallets

• Only EUR-pallets can be used
• Maximum weight per pallet is 800 kg
• Maximum height per pallet is 120 cm

The items

• Must be stacked properly, all items has to be positioned so that they remain within the pallet width and length. If using plastic or straps around the pallet make sure that this is not so tight that the items are bent or damaged
• As far as possible, the items must face the same direction. Must be spread evenly on the pallet, especially if the number of items are too few to make up a full pallet
• Must always be properly secured, for safe transportation. Note that pallets can be stacked on top of each other during transportation
• Must be packed with only one reseller per pallet. If you have any questions, please contact your sales representative or customer service, telephone 04045. Calling from abroad: +47 22 03 00 45.

Items stacked individually on pallets

When the items are stacked individually on EUR-pallets, adequately securing can be done in different way depending on the layout of the mailing:
• Plastic, pallet lids with cross-strapping
• Pallet lids with cross-strapping
• Plastic straps with cross-strapping

Bundles on pallets

Items that are not suitable for packing individually on pallets and items with special formats must be packed in bundles and strapped (no plastic or boxes) before packed safely on pallets. Each bundle must have the same number of copies. Maximum weight per bundle is 6 kg.

Single bundles

If the number of items is too few to cover a layer on the pallet, the items can be handed in as single bundles or in boxes. Make sure to strap the bundles securely. Maximum weight per bundle is 6 kg.

Cardboard boxes

Alternatively the items can be packed loosely in cardboard boxes, if bundling is not suitable. Maximum weight per box is 6 kg.

Items packet in bundles or cardboard boxes must be packed with only one distributor per bundle or box.

Pallet labels and consignment note

Pallets, cardboard boxes and bundles must be clearly marked with pallet labels. The shipment shall be accompanied with a consignment note. The pallet label must be placed on the short side of the pallet. Make sure that pallet straps do not cover the label or barcode, and avoid using multiple layers of plastic on top of the barcode.

Pallet labels and consignment notes must be printed by the customer or a third party designated by the customer to handle the packing and handing-in
• If ordered online at MyPost you will receive an e-mail with a link directly to our website where to print the labels and consignment note.
• If ordered through our customer service, log in to MyPost to get the labels and consignment note.

On our website you will also find details on the number of items to be packed to each Production centre.

Calculate the number of pallet labels based on how many items will fit per pallet, bundle or cardboard box, and print out your pallet labels and consignment note. The pallet labels are automatically numbered with for example:
• Stavanger PRS: 1 of 4
• Stavanger PRS: 2 of 4
If it turns out that the calculation of the number of pallets was incorrect, the number has to be corrected and new pallet labels printed. Note that all pallet labels have a unique barcode, copies of already printed labels will not work.


A consignment note must be handed-in together with the mailing. The consignment note is a summary of your order, be used to invoicing
Together with the consignment note, 15 copies of the items must be handed-in. Random controls of the content may be performed .
Handing-in place and date are given on the pallet labels and must be complied. If any changes are required, please contact your sales representative or customer service, telephone 04045. Calling from abroad: +47 22 03 00 45.

Consequences of deviation

Bring requires that pallets are packed in such way that neither the items on top or bottom of the pallet can be damaged. Damaged items caused by insufficient packaging will not be compensated by Bring, and may cause parts of the mailing not to be handed-out.
Deviations from the terms may cause that the mailing is not accepted for handing-in. Deviations detected on handed-in mailings may cause delays in distribution and additional costs. Any additional costs will be invoiced to the customer.


Format requirements for unaddressed mail

Valid from 1.1.2022