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1. What can be sent

Unaddressed mail is items without recipient’s name and address.

Unaddressed mail can be distributed to:
• Households (private receivers)
• Businesses

We distinguish between advertising mail, free newspapers and information (content not considered as marketing). The Norwegian Consumer Ombudsman has drawn up guidelines for assessment as to what can be sent as advertising, free newspapers and information. See Forbrukertilsynet/English

Our distribution capacity is limited regarding free newspapers and information. Please contact your regular sales representative or customer service on 04045 (International calls +47 22 03 00 45) for guidance

2. Formats and layout

Labelling of each single copy is not required, except for the category Information, which always must be clearly marked with “Informasjon”.

Wrapping (envelopes or plastic) are only required if each item consists of several parts. The wrapping must be tightly fit. All items in a mailing must be identical, i.e. have the same weight, format and wrapping, if any. If items in a single campaign have multiple content, this must be identified on the cover pages.
The items shall not be franked with stamps or Postage Paid Indicia.

Ideal format is A4 (29,6 cm x 21 cm). Larger sizes can easily be bent or damaged when bundles are strapped or when handed-out to the recipient’s mailbox.

There are two different format categories: Standard format and Special format

2.1. Standard format

Standard format must have the same format, weight, thickness (not uneven or dented), appearance and wrapping (if used). 

If stapled, the items must be firmly closed and not thicker at the fold. In addition, the cover- and back page must be unperforated and in the same format as the rest of the pages. 

Standard format is defined differently for the two distribution periods «earlyweek» og «midweek». 

Ideal format is A4 (29,7 cm x 21 cm). Larger sizes can easily be bent or damaged when bundles are strapped or when handed-out to the recipient’s mailbox.

If the item exceeds standard format there must be a machine-folded sharp edge (not glued), to fit the standard format dimensions listed below. 

If the machine-folded item has the fold on the shorter side the sides-size must exceed 14,8 cm but not exceed 21 cm in either direction. This type of items is only available for “mid-week” interval.

In July we only offer distribution in Earlyweek.

Distribution «early week»: 
Format - approx. A4: 29,7 cm x 21 cm (width +/- 2,5 cm and length +/- 1,8 cm)
Minimum format:     27,9 cm x 18,5 cm
Maximum format:     31,5 cm x 23,5 cm
Max thickness:       0,5 cm
Max weight:          200 grams

For distribution «mid-week»:
Minimum format:     14,8 cm x 12,5 cm
Maximum format:     32 cm x 24 cm
Max thickness:       0,5 cm
Max weight:          200 grams

2.2. Special formats

The items must not exceed 34 cm x 26 cm to fit in the mailbox. Note that if the items thickness exceeds 2 cm, we won't be able to deliver to all the milboxes due to size.

Mailings that deviates from standard dimensions stated in section 2.1, requires special processing which entailing an additional charge.

An additional charge also applies for:
• Plastic wrapped items
• Non-rectangular formats​​​​​​
​• Items with a weight of more than 200 grams
​• Glossy paper print
​• Perfortated item (i.e.cupons)

Not all formats can be delivered as unaddressed mail, and our distribution capacity is limited regarding special formats. Special formats will be delivered over a pre-agreed period of one week.

Please contact your regular sales representative or customer service on 04045 (International calls +47 22 03 00 45) for guidance.

2.3 Paper quality

As a general rule the paper weight must be at least 60 grams per m2 or more.Other paper qualities must be agreed.  If the mailing item is one single sheet, the paper weight needs to be at least 120 gram per m2.  Please see the link for detail descriprion of paper grades that require an agreement.

3. Prices

See prices and additional services.

For price changes, the new price applies to all orders that have a distribution period from the date the new rate takes effect.

4. How to order

All mailings are ordered online through MyPost or by calling customer service at 04045 (International calls +47 22 03 00 45), within deadline for ordering.

Specific types of mailings must always be ordered through our customer service:

  • Items for distribution in “early week”
  • Items weighing more than 200 grams or if the item has a special format
  • When the campaign falls into the category “Informasjon”
  • If payment is to be made by internet bank

NOTE: If the ordering is done through customer service the customer receives a proposal on a delivery area. It is the customer's responsibility to approve the selection and the order must be confirmed by email to customer service.

4.1. Order deadline

Standard order deadline is 15 workdays before distribution period.

We also offer a shorter order deadline. Items in standard format (see point 2.1) can be ordered 3 workdays before distribution handing-in date at an additional cost per item. This only apply for households and businesses. Orders in the category “Information” must be ordered using standard ordering deadline only. See price list,

The order deadline is calculated from the date the order is confirmed in MyPost or in email from customer service. If you want help to do the order it must be time to set the order in advance of the deadline to confirm the order.

There is limited capacity for unaddressed distribution. In cases of overbooking, it may be appropriate to move parts of the order to a later distribution period. Customer service will notify you no later than 10 workdays prior to the distribution period of affected areas. If the distribution period must be moved after this time, the postage for the part of the shipment not delivered as agreed will be refunded, see point 11.

4.2. Change and cancellation

In case of change and cancellation, a surcharge must be paid (see table). The surcharge is only payable for the part of the campaign that has changed relative to the order. Changes in volume, format, weight, or handing-in date results in cancellation of all warranties regarding the distribution date.


Canges and cancellations (scroll towards right to see additional charges)

Type of change Notified when? Terms and conditions Additional charges *)
Change in number
After order deadline and before agreed handed-in date. If the total volume is reduced with less than 50% (If the total volume is reduced with more than 50% it is considered as a cancellation, see beneath) NOK 0,25 per item
Max NOK 10 000 per change
After order deadline An increase in volume must be made in a separate order (acceptable up to 3 days before handing-in) Additional charge for short notice, see price list
After handing-in It is possible to remove distribution routes if the production process allows it. NOK 0,50 per item Max NOK 25 000 per change
Change in weight
After order deadline and before agreed handed-in date. A reduction in weight of more than 10 % or decrease in weight on 10 grams or more  NOK 0,25 per item Max NOK 10 000 per change
After handing-in A reduction in weight of more than 10% or decrease in weight on 10 grams or more  NOK 0,50 per item Max NOK 50 000 per change
Change of format  After order deadline and before agreed handed-in date. Change of format category (A4, A5, custom) NOK 0,25 per item Max NOK 10 000 per change
After handing-in Change of format category (A4, A5, custom) NOK 0,25 per item Max NOK 15 000 per change
Change in distribution date   After order deadline and before agreed handed-in date. Provided free capacity on current period NOK 0,25 per item Max NOK 10 000 per change
After handing-in Provided free capacity on current period
Must be agreed with customer service (only possible if the production process allows it)
NOK 0,50 per item Max NOK 25 000 per change
Change of handing-in date 
After order deadline and before agreed handed-in date. Needed to hand-in earlier than agreed? Contact customer service minimum 2 days before agreed handing-in date. NOK 0,25 per item Max NOK 10 000 per change
Needed to hand-in later than agreed? Contact customer service.
See point 6.2 for delivery speed
Handed-in too late Handing-in1-3 workdays later than agreed (not alerted) New distribution date will be set 3 working days forward in time if there is free capacity. If not, the items are distributed on the first day of available capacity NOK 0,25 per item Max NOK 15 000 per change
Cancellation  After order deadline and before agreed handed-in date. If the total volume is reduced with less than 50% or cancellation of the total order NOK 0,35 per item Max NOK 20 000 per change
After handed-in and before production date.

The order is considered canceled if the items are not handed-in (not handed-in within 3 workdays after agreed handing-in date)

If distribution still is required, the order has to be reordered

NOK 0,50 per item Max NOK 50 000 per change

*) Storage cost or destruction:
• If any changes involve needs for storage, an additional storage cost will apply
• Destruction of material can be ordered at the same time as the cancellation / changes or other reasons, is made
Solution and price regarding storage or destruction must be considered in each case and agreed with the customer.

5. Packaging and labelling

5.1. Pallet label and consignment note

Unaddressed mail must be packed and handed-in on EUR-pallets, in bundles or boxes marked with a pallet label. A consignment note must always be handed in together with the mail.

By ordering at MyPost you will receive an e-mail with a direct link to the web site where you will find packing material. You will you also find details on the number of items to be packed to each of our distributions centres.

For orders made through customer service, you will receive an email with a link and password to get handing-in information and other documents. Log in to MyBring for packing material unaddressed mail.

5.2. Packing on EUR-pallet

Description on how items shall be packed on pallets and marked to distribution centres. Find details in the Packing and labelling specifications.

5.3. Packing in bundles

When there are few items and packing on pallet is not suitable or if the items do not cover a layer on the pallet, the items must be packed in bundles. Each bundle must be strapped securely and fitted with pallet label. Alternatively, shipments can be packed in cardboard boxes if bundles are not possible / suitable. Max weight per bundle or box is 6 kg.

For handing-in items to post offices or Post in Shop, items must be bundled.

5.4. Deviation and consequenses

Deviations from the packing conditions may result in no items being received at the place of handing-in. If the deviation is detected after handing-in to Posten Norge AS, it may cause major additional work, and items may be delayed. Additional costs will be invoiced the customer.

6. Handing-in

All campaigns must be handed-in at the same place and date as given in the order. Together with a consignment note there must be handed-in 15 examples of the item for a check weight.

6.1. Handing-in place

Campaigns of more than 10 000 items:
Must be handed-in at the same postal terminal as stated in the order. Some post offices can receive campaigns on more than 10 000 items. For more information on the topic contact customer service, phone number 04045.

Campaigns of less than 10 000 items:
Must be handed-in at the post office, Post in Shop or postal terminal as stated in the order.

6.2 Handing-in deadline

Handing-in deadline is minimum 3 – 7 workdays before distribution day, depending on handing-in and handing-out place. Handing-in day is day 0. All days in the week, except Saturdays, Sundays, Official holidays, Christmas, New Year and Wednesday before Maundy Thursday are working days.

See table for Delivery speed and handing-in deadlines 2022.

For handing-in at Post offices or Post in Shop add one working day from the handing-in date to distribution. Please note: there is a difference between handing-in deadline and opening hours. Find your handing-in place at «Mer informasjon», and you will find the handing-in deadline.

Distribution in the week’s 50, 51 and 52, 2 extra working days must be added from handing-in to first day of distribution-interval. Distribution in week 1 and 16 (the week after Easter) add 1 working day. 2 extra working days are also applicable for week 1 in 2023.  

7. Distribution

Distribution alternatives 
•    «Early week»: The item is distributed to the recipients mailbox within 17 pm on the second workingday of the week (normally Tuesday) ”Early week” is only for distribution to households.
•    «Mid-week»: The item is distributed to the recipients mailbox within 17 pm on the forth workingday of the week (normally Thursday)
•    Items with special format (see point 2.2): distribution during an agreed week

Distribution to the recipients’ mailbox is done according to agreed distribution period. Distribution days are Monday through Thursday if these days are working days. In low season (July) the number of distribution days per week is reduced. The distribution dates alternate every other day Monday till Thursday as long as all these are workingdays. Items may also be distributed om Fridays if that’s the 4th workingday of the week. 

One item per mailbox/PO Box is distributed. 

Unaddressed mail and free newspapers are distributed to all households that have not marked their mailbox with the text “Reservation”. Items marked with «Informasjon» will be distributed to all households, even if the mailbox is marked with “Reservation”. Unaddressed mail to businesses, free newspapers and “Information” can only be ordered for distribution in “mid-week” (within the 4th workingday of the week). Unaddressed mail will not be stored or forwarded if change of address, storage of mail or temporary redirection.     

8. Payment

All orders must be handed-in with a consignment note. The consignment note forms the payment/invoice basis. Three optional payment alternatives:

a. Invoice
By ordering in MyPost or at the customer service the shipment can be invoiced.
Invoicing on first day of distribution period and due is 10 days.

b. Payment by card
Unaddressed mail can be paid by card when ordering online at MyPost.

c. Cash payment
The shipment can be paid in cash or by card when handed-in at Post Office or Post in Shop. The order must be done to the Customer service which will calculate the price and clarifies the consignment note that has to be handed-in with the shipment.

9. Advertising statistics

As other operators Posten Norge AS send a monthly report to Nielsen Media Research (NMR), or similar organization in Norway. This is done to monitor the advertising market in Norway. The report contains information about distribution revenue per month specified on customer level and based on gross price (before discounts and excl. VAT) and historic numbers.

10. Volume

The number of items to an area will vary over time. For that reason the number of items given for a specific delivery will not be valid for your next mailing.

Deviation between number of items handed in (invoiced) and number of items delivered to mailboxes may occur due to change of address - permanent or temporary, storage of mail, changes in distribution routes and change in the number of houses on the "Reservation” list.

On-going throughout the year, approximately 1% of the population change address - permanent or temporary or put their mail in storage. During the holiday seasons this number increases by 10 % in some areas.
Changes in distribution routes may cause deviations between the number ordered and the number actually distributed. A route change and unforeseen circumstances like full mailboxes, locked entrances etc. adds up to approximately 1 % deviation and will not be compensated.

However, if the route changes means a significantly change in your scheduled area, Posten Norge AS will compensate postage for the deficient delivery.

11. Compensation

If the mailing is not delivered on time (the date confirmed at time of order) due to failures caused by Posten Norge AS, the customer is entitled to a refund of postage.

Compensation is only paid on that part of the delivery that failed to be distributed on the agreed period. There will be a 100% refund of postage if the items are not distributed within the confirmed distribution period.

12. Posten Norge AS’s liability for compensation

Posten Norge will compensate for damaged, lost or delayed mail, if this is due to gross negligence on the part of Posten Norge AS. Posten Norge AS is not liable for consequential damages.

Posten Norge AS is not liable if the damage, loss or delay is due to:
• A fault or negligence on the part of the customer
• The nature of the item
• Insufficient packaging
• Circumstances that Posten Norge AS could neither avoid nor avert the consequences of

13. Force Majeure

If an extraordinary situation (Force Majeure) should occur, and that neither party could
reasonably have predicted at the time of order, or that arise outside the parties control during the delivery period, and that prevents the fulfilment of the delivery, the affected part can be exempt from his obligations and responsibilities as long as the extraordinary situation last.

As extraordinary situations (Force Majeure) considered, among other things, war, vandalism, strikes, lockouts, legal or illegal embargo, earthquake, flood, hurricane or other natural disasters, fire, explosion, lack of oil or electricity, general traffic bans or restrictions imposed by public authorities, or other unforeseen incidents beyond the control of the parties.

14. Customers’ liability

If the delivery does not comply with the criteria stated in the terms and conditions, the customer may be liable to pay compensation.

Deliveries which due to content, packaging or other reasons, are not suitable for delivery, or could cause injury on persons, material or other mail items can be refused to receive for delivery by Posten Norge AS.

15. Complaints

Complaints must be addressed to Bring Customer Service - - no later than 30 days after the handing in date.