Why rent address lists?

You can get access to updated information on over four million private customers and for all businesses in Norway from our address databases.

  • You get access to potential new customers
  • Gives you the opportunity to communicate directly and personally with your target group
  • Makes it easy to use addressed advertisements and relationship marketing

The right target group

Selecting the right target group for your message is the first step in achieving success. You can choose between private customer addresses and business addresses, and choose from a range of selection criteria below.  
For private customer addresses you can choose from the following categories: age, gender, geography, type of dwelling and income, among others.

For business addresses you can choose from the following categories: industry, geography, turnover and accounting data, among others.

What do you get?

The lists are delivered in Excel format, but we will adapt to what is most appropriate for you. In addition, if you send us your customer list, we can exclude your existing customers from the address list.
The address list will be supplied one to two days after you order.

Orders and prices

When you want to rent an address list, you must first define your target group and select the geographical area that is most appropriate to your mailing.

Please contact Customer Service by phoning 04045 or filling out the form below so that we can contact you if you need help selecting target groups for your DM campaign.

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