Address check via the customer database

In an address check, we load your customer register and update it with new and correct information.

You will receive a detailed report showing what was done.

  • Ensures that you get the right recipient
  • Reduces the amount of returns and complaints
  • Increases the response options for the mailing item
  • Recommended with Electronic Address Updating

What do I get from an address check?

Addresses change all the time. People move, people die, new street names and house numbers appear and in addition, Posten makes essential postcode changes annually.  

In an address check, we update your register with any changes and add other contact information if required.
Along with the result, you get a detailed report showing the type of changes that have been made. In addition to updating your register, we can also add data that gives you more information and key figures for your customers.

Consumer check

You can update or add information from our registers before campaigns, on a regular basis or automatically as changes occur. We can update or add useful information such as:

  • Updated names, addresses and telephone numbers
  • Overview of deceased persons
  • Checks via the Brønnøysund Central Marketing Exclusion Register
  • Label duplicates
  • Addition of telephone numbers, gender, age, type of dwelling, income and wealth (grouped data), likelihood of being a child, etc.

Checking business addresses

You get updated or additional information on:

  • Business name, postal address, visiting and delivery address and telephone number updates
  • Business status (for example discontinued or deleted, not financially active)
  • Geography (postcode, municipality, county)
  • Label duplicates
  • Contact persons, industry, number of employees, turnover and company type
  • In addition, we can add information about managers along with their functions or titles

Address checks should be combined with electronic address updating to keep the register updated.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an address check depends on the size of the customer register and the information you wish to have added.

Please contact us if you would like further information or a quote:

Phone 04045 or send an email to