Additional Services

  • Cargo Insurance

    Suitable if you would like to take out insurance for full compensation in the event of damage or loss of your items.

    The insurance applies to all types of permitted goods with the exception of:

    • Mobile phones
    • Wine
    • Spirits
    • Refrigerated, frozen and fresh goods
    • Damaged goods

    Items sent to or from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be insured.
    Please phone your seller if you would like cargo insurance for a full year.
    You can insure each parcel up to NOK 100,000 and each pallet up to NOK 1,000,000.

    Prices from December 1, 2018:


    Europe: NOK 125
    Rest of the world: NOK 171


    Europe: From December 1, 2018: 0.2% of the insured value - minimum NOK 419.
    Rest of the world: not applicable – can only be combined with Parcel and Pallet products.

    Applies to: Business Parcel, Business Parcel Return, Business Parcel Bulk, Business Parcel Return Bulk, Business Pallet, Business Pallet Return, PickUp Parcel, PickUp Parcel Return, PickUp Parcel Bulk, PickUp Parcel Return Bulk and Home Delivery Parcel.

    Read more about Cargo insurance

  • 1/2 Pallet

    If you would like to send half pallets of different sizes from the specified pallet sizes, you can use this service for Sweden, Denmark and Finland

  • Flex Delivery

    Your pallets can be delivered even if your recipient is not present to sign for the goods. This service only applies in Denmark and Sweden

  • e-Advising

    This additional service gives you the option of letting your recipient know that the parcel is on its way, and where and when delivery will take place. If you provide the recipient's mobile phone number, we will send an SMS instead of traditional notification by mail, informing them that the parcel was delivered to the post office. This provides your customer with a smoother collection experience. The message states when the parcel will be delivered to the recipient's door.

    Applies to: Business Parcel Bulk, Business Pallet and PickUp Parcel Bulk