Additional Services

  • e-Advising

    If you provide a mobile phone number and email address, your customer will be informed when the parcel has arrived at the post office or is on its way to them. Advance notice of this must be given via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). This additional service is free for Climate-neutral Service Parcel and Business Parcel.

    • The recipient can collect the parcel earlier
    • The recipient receives the message on their mobile phone
    • You can get faster settlement with COD
    • Ensures that the recipient is there for home delivery


  • Return service

    This is a simple arrangement where your business pays for return freight. You can choose between enclosing a return address card in the parcel, sending out return address cards to your branches around the country or giving them directly to private customers as required. You can print out the return address card after you have ordered this service via EDI or Mybring. The service costs the same as ordering parcels with some exceptions.

    • The recipient's details should be on the address card
    • Return service parcels cannot be sent as cash on delivery (COD)
    • Returns can be tracked


  • Saturday delivery

    It is possible to order the additional service Saturday delivery of Business Parcel Express Overnight.
    The additional service is available for most postal codes. However, there are some postal codes we do not cover, and some stretches we do not serve from Friday to Saturday.

    The parcel will be delivered between 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon and in some areas by 4:00 p.m. The surcharge for delivery on a Saturday is NOK 197 per parcel in central areas and NOK 523 in densely populated areas from July 1, 2020. This service can be ordered via EDI.

  • Optional delivery location

    Your customer can decide from which post office, post-in-shop or parcel locker they would like to collect their parcel. This decision is taken when the customer buys the goods online and cannot be changed once the parcel has been sent. Senders who would like to use this service will be sent a URL address with their chosen profile. You can obtain a technical document that describes your choice of profile options from our contact person. This service is free for Climate-neutral Service Parcels (costs NOK 33 excluding VAT on Business Parcel Express Overnight from July 1, 2020).