The Oil Express

Transport solution for when either routine or urgent deliveries are required to installations on land and at sea along the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Regardless of what you need to transport, our trailers are specially designed to transport goods for the offshore and energy industry.

  • Emergency phone 24/7/365 in all bases
  • Quick and safe daily deliveries to all supply bases in Norway
  • Transport of everything from small samples to wide, high or long loads
  • Special transport & transport of all ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) classes
  • From the first of May, Booking deadline for normal transport is minimum four hours before departure time according to lead time matrix.

Tell me what to do



You can order through the Oil Express via your local contact person or Mybring, and your freight will be collected from wherever you wish.

If you require immediate help, please phone our emergency number: +47 90 11 91 00, which is open 24/7 every day.

Booking deadline for normal transport is 4 hours before departure from 1 May 2019
We encourage everyone to book early to provide a good planning horizon so we can give you the best transport solutions according to economic and environmental aspect’s. 



Your freight will be transported direct to the supply base you request, and our data systems will give you a complete overview of all documents and events that occur along the way.

The Oil Express currently has around 110 semi-trailers that travel every day between Stavanger in the south and Hammerfest in the north, as well as Drammen. Our high level of quality makes it easy for you to solve your transport needs. 

If there are any delays, you will be notified by SMS or email.

The recipient

The recipient

Your freight will be transported direct to the supply base to which your goods are addressed.

If your business or recipient require follow-up, we have offices in all our supply bases in Norway.


Contact us about prices.

Offshore will get a price increase of 6.9% from January 1, 2020.

Our offices

Please contact your nearest Bring Base office to get help finding the best solution for you and your company.

Stavanger (+47) 90555500
Emergency number 24/7 (+47) 90119100 (Base-Base) 
Emergency number 24/7 (+47) 91663300 (local) 

Haugesund (+47) 52733615
Emergency number 24/7 (+47) 97184097

Ågotnes ( +47) 90555500
Emergency number 24/7 (+47) 90555500

Mongstad (+47) 90555500
Emergency number 24/7 (+47) 90555500

Florø ( +47) 90555500
Emergency number 24/7 (+47) 90555500

Kristiansund (+47) 71584350
Emergency number 24/7 ( +47) 90555500

Sandessjøen (+47) 95057503
Emergency number 24/7 (+47) 90555500

Hammerfest (+47) 47603206
Emergency number 24/7 (+47) 47603206


Select the appropriate carrier

What is important when choosing the carrier?

Logistics and transportation are an important part of your business. The carrier is your public face.

Good advice on how to choose the right transport supplier