Surcharge for Svalbard December 1, 2019

All parcels to and from Svalbard are subject to a fixed surcharge.

The surcharge is a fixed amount per parcel

NOK 236 excluding VAT.

The surcharge does not apply to parcels handed in within Svalbard and that will be forwarded/delivered within Svalbard.

NB: As Svalbard is regarded as a customs third country, correct documentation is required through trade or pro forma invoices. For parcels with a net product value above NOK 5000, a customs clearance charge of NOK 240 will apply from January 1, 2020. The price includes 3 line items. Additional line items cost NOK 29 per piece.

Coverage area

This surcharge applies to all parcels that are being sent from/to the following postcodes: 9170-9179:
9170 Longyearbyen
9171 Longyearbyen
9172 Isfjord in Svalbard
9173 Ny-Ålesund
9174 Hopen
9175 Sveagrua
9176 Bjørnøya
9177 Hornsund
9178 Barentsburg
9179 Pyramiden

A surcharge applies to the following products

Business Parcel
Business Parcel Express Overnight
Multiple Business Parcels
Business Parcel
Business Parcel Return Bulk
Business Pallet
Business Parcel Return
CarryOn Cash
PickUp Parcel
PickUp Parcel Return Bulk
PickUp Parcel Return
Climate-neutral Service Parcel
Norway Parcel Self-packed
Parcel to the Door
Business Parcel Return
Business Parcel Express Overnight Return
Climate-neutral Service Parcel Return
Smart Post Boxes