Make it easy for your customers to respond to your mailings

Response services encourage customers to react to your direct mail, magazine inserts and press ads. Use them to market research and surveys too. It’s all done with a pre-printed item.

Printfriendly version with layout templates (PDF)

1. Agreement

A written agreement must be signed prior to starting up the Business Reply Services.
Call our customer service on (+47) 22 03 00 45.

2. What can you send

You may use letters, postcards, coupons, press ads and address labels for return of domestic letters and small packets. For international Reply Services, see

3. Format, measurements and weight

Minimum dimensions

Envelopes and postcards 9 x 14cm
Items in roll form: Length + double diameter = 17cm. Length minimum 10cm

Maximum dimensions

Length + width + thickness = 90cm. Length maximum 60cm
Items in roll form: length + double diameter = 104cm. Length maximum 90cm.

Maximum weight

2,000 grams per item

4. Prices and invoicing

You pay a single price for each reply you receive, according to current pricelist. An annual fee per license is payable in advance.

Received Business reply service are invoiced on the 15th and last date og each month.

The annual fee is calculated from the time the agreement is entered and paid in advance for 12 months at time.

5. Delivery

Delivery time is  normally 3 working days.

6. Frequency of receiving reply service

You have three options to choose from:

  • Once a week
  • 3 times a week
  • 5 times a week (Monday-Friday)

Which option you should choose depends on the number of replies you normally receive. Is it important to update the response Monday-Friday or would 1 or 3 times a week do.

Please note that even if you have selected 1 or 3 times a week you will receive the reply items more frequently if we on certain days or periods are receiving a larger number than usual.

7. Addressing

The service requires a license number and a formal reply address that we supply once the agreement is entered.

8. Layout

The Business Reply Services is a pre-printed envelope/postcard which must be designed according to the requirements described in our graphic templates.

9. Postage

The postage paid indicia must be Norwegian and placed on the upper right hand side, as shown in the template.

10. General Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms stated in this document, Posten Norge AS General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and General Payment Terms will apply.