The start price is based on delivery to a densely populated area within a zone, with a surcharge applying to parcels delivered to sparsely populated areas.

With orders placed via EDI, all data on the mailing is transferred to Posten's systems, which automatically checks the zones and recipient's postcode against the postcode system used to calculate the price:

  1. The postcode in the recipient's address is checked against the handing-in location, and this generates the correct zone price.
  2. The postcode is also checked against the postcode list which defines densely and sparsely populated areas.
  3. If the recipient lives at a postcode address that is defined as a sparsely populated area, a per-parcel surcharge is automatically calculated (this appears on invoices as "non-central surcharge").

Each zone is made up of the following postcodes:

Zone 1

0001–3999 and 4500–4999

Zone 2

4000–4499 and 5000–7999

Zone 3


Postcodes defined as densely populated areas

Download postcode list (EXCL)