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1. Description

Small Packet return is an online service, intended for businesses who wants to offer an easy and accessible return service, postage free for your customer. You buy a postage code, and your customer uses the code as return postage on the packet to be returned. The service is not only connected to our Mailbox Packet service, but can be used for returns of all types of items up to 2 kg. Small Packet returns are sent by regular mail without tracking and is best suited for small items with low value. Domestic only.

Definitions of terms:

  • Return ID (Retur ID): When entering an agreement we will provide you with a specific Return ID. The ID gives you access to buy postage codes on our online service.
  • Postage code: Log in to with your Return ID and get access to buy a postage code, valid for return of a single item to your registered return address. Only valid for small packet returns within Norway.
  • Return labels: The postage code is only valid in combination with our standard return label, accessible online. Print the label and place the postage code on the upper right hand corner.

2. Agreement

A written agreement must be signed before starting the small packet return service. Upon the conclusion of the agreement we will set up your account on My Bring, including your assigned Return ID.
Call customer service on 04045 (International calls +47 21 31 62 34) to apply for an agreement.

3. Getting started

We will provide you with a Return ID as soon as the agreement is entered, you’ll have access to buy postage codes, valid for your customers’ packet returns.

Log in on, using your Return ID. Fill in your customers name and address and state the weight on the items to be returned (categories 0-1 kg and 1-2 kg). A return label with your unique postage code is generated. Send the return label (PDF) to your customer by e-mail and your customer can easily print the label and paste it on the packet to be returned.

Alternatively you can give your customer access to a complete self-service solution by giving your customer current information on your return policy, and access to download the return postage code on Choose the option that best matches your return policy:

a)    Enclose a pre-printed return label, information on your returns policy and log in instructions. If your customers need to return an item, they will download the postage code themselves and simply write the code by hand on the return label.
b)    Enclose information with the delivery or your order confirmation and allow your customer to log in with your Return ID. Your customer will print a complete return label with postage code.
c)    If you want a stricter returns policy you may choose to pre-approve the packet returns before giving your customer access to the Return ID and postage code.

You can link to Posten Norge AS’s return solution from your web page. It is recommended that the link is added within your customer's user profile. Return ID cannot be placed on the website, but instead sent directly to those customers who need the information.

4. Carrying out the purchase

Log in on (you or your customer) with your assigned Return ID. Fill in sender and weight category before pressing the order button to complete the transaction, and create a postage code.
You will be invoiced each time you order a new postage code.

5. What type of items can be returned?

All types of domestic items up to 2 kg. Returns are sent as letter mail and follow the same measurements and weight as ordinary letters.

6. Formats, dimensions and weight

Minimum dimensions

9 x 14 cm
Roll form: Length + double diameter = 17 cm. Length min. 10 cm

Maximum dimensions

Length + width + thickness = 90cm. Length max. 60cm
Roll form: length + double diameter = 104 cm. Length max. 90 cm.

Maximum weight

2 kilos per item

7. Prices and invoicing

The price per postage code is based on weight per item in the two different weight categories, according to the current price list at You will be invoiced for the number of postage codes purchased with your assigned Return ID. Invoice date is the 1st of the following month.

This applies regardless of when and if the postage code is actually used. Postage codes that are purchased and not used will be invoiced.

Once an agreement is ended, your account will be closed and the Return ID will be made unavailable on the

8. Managing your account

Log in to your account on Mybring. Your account is registered with your return address and this address will at any given time be used on the return labels printed on our packet returns website. You must ensure to update your account if changing your address.

If your returns policy includes a return label enclosed with all your deliveries, go to Mybring to print your labels.

My Bring will also keep you up to date with all ordered postage codes on your assigned Return ID (invoice statement).

9. Return labels, postage code and addressing

Our standard return label, see template in section 13, must be printed from our website and attached on the return packet.

The registered return address on your My Bring account will automatically be printed on the return label when using our website. Your customer's name and address must be filled in either electronically or by hand.

The postage code must be properly applied on the allocated field on the return label. Every postage code is unique and can only be used once. The postage code will be checked against our postage code register.

Small Packet returns not fitted with a return label and a correct postage code will be regarded as underpaid mail. It is your responsibility to use the right postage code valid for the returned packet. Any underpaid mail will be invoiced to your company and an additional service fee is payable.

10. Handing-in small packet return items

Small Packet return items with the full return label and postage code may be handed-in to Post Offices, Post in Shops and any mail box.

11. Liability

Posten is liable for unregistered postal items that are damaged, lost or delayed, if this is due to gross negligence on the part of Posten. Posten’s liability for compensation is regulated by the Postal Services Act, Art. 22 and the Postal Services Regulations, Art.14 and General Terms and condition of delivery, section 13.

12. General terms and conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions described in this document, Norway Post’s General Terms and Conditions of Delivery and General Payment Terms will apply.

Norway Post reserves the right to make adjustments of price and service conditions after prior notice, at the latest 2 months before the alterations take effect.  Information about alterations will be published on

13. Return label template

Our standard return label must be always be used. Accessible on your My Bring account and on the Packet returns site