Krampus defence kit

Krampus is a beast-like creature found in the folklore of Alpine countries who punishes misbehaved children during the holiday season. We created the Grüppe AntiKrampus von Schladming, deemed ourselves members, and took the liberty of arming our clients against Krampus. The Krampus Defence Kit includes everything a person would need to avoid being carried away in Krampus' burlap sack."


Each year, around holidays, we ask ourselves, «What are we gonna give our clients and friends?» Reindeer wrapping paper? A weird cheese basket? A baked ham? Not this year.


Krampus is the “bad cop” to Santa’s “good cop.” While Santa leaves gifts, Krampus punishes the naughty. After centuries haunting small Alpine villages, we found out Krampus was making his way stateside. We lovingly hand-assembled defense kits to help protect our friends and colleagues: scissors to escape from his burlap bag, a handy guidebook, special no-slip socks for quick escapes, and jingle bells (he is deathly afraid of jingle bells). We also made a Krampus detector for the iPhone and tracked his movements on his Twitter feed.


None of our friends were beaten or kidnaped by Krampus. 

Agency: Swink Inc

Merry Christmas from KMS TEAM, Munich

The task was to develop a Christmas greeting for clients and partners on behalf of KMS TEAM, a company for brand strategy, brand design and brand communication.

The Christmas gift had to meet the following requirements: establish a personal connection, take up the topics of “brand” and “Christmas”, and invite the recipient to become active.

As a Christmas greeting, the brand agency KMS TEAM sent its clients and partners a personalized LEGO set; a conference room with the logo of the respective recipient as an image projection. Under the title, “Building brands”, the accompanying card established the connection to KMS TEAM’s core expertise.

Thus a classic gift (LEGO for Christmas) became a delightful means of communication. Many recipients of the present personally thanked the sender and had very positive things to say about the Christmas greeting.

Merry Christmas from Grey Mexico

Brief: send an original and emotional Christmas card to all Grey Global Group clients that communicates the spirit of the holidays.

We decided not to send a regular Christmas card, but a 3D mailing. A box containing a teddy bear with instructions of what to do with it. It must be given to a street child, and the smile that it generated was Grey’s present to our clients.

Most of our clients returned the coupon which translated into a donation to an orphanage. We received lots of emails and letters congratulating Grey for such an original and emotional Christmas mailing. All of them gave the teddy bear away.


Agency: Grey Mexico

Bray Leino Bristol – Christmas card

“Instead of Christmas cards we’re donating money to the NoMore Landmines Trust. Best wishes from all of us at Bray Leino Bristol.”


Agency: bray leino (TM)

The KIT KAT Advent Calendar

As known, the pre-Christmas period is often quite stressful for people working in marketing departments. That´s why JWT Frankfurt developed the “24 Breaks before Christmas” Advent calendar as a mailing, in order to offer them 24 little relaxing KIT KAT breaks - one for each day in the Advent season. This way the 4-Finger KIT KAT became the world´s first 24 Finger KIT KAT.


Agency: JWT Frankfurt