Anyone who can afford a luxury limousine has almost everything in life. Above all, high demands - on technology, quality and service. Anyone who wants to sell a luxury limousine has to meet these requirements. That is why we have developed a device for the market introduction of the new Audi A8, which is not only state-of-the-art, but also redefines customer service: the Audi Test Drive Cube.

Instead of an ordinary mailing by mail, the customer is delivered the noble-processed Audi Test Drive Cube. From now on the customer is at the trigger: As soon as he activates the start button of the cube, a GPS signal is sent and a countdown is activated. Exactly 90 minutes later, the Audi A8 is at the door. So the customer does not have to come to the car - the car comes to him wherever the customer is.

Also the results of this action meet the highest demands: Each cube led to a test drive and almost every fifth directly to the purchase of the new Audi A8.


Agency: Philipp und Keuntje GMBH

Client: Audi