Atos is a leading company within the digital services space. It specialises in business technology that powers progress by helping organisations create their firm for the future and drive competitive advantage.

Our objective was to acquire pipeline sales within 13 of their key target companies. Our target audience was Directors and the C-suite within global manufacturing enterprises - incredibly busy, high-profile individuals.

We created a ‘Factory of the future’ blueprint personalised to each recipient and posted them in architect’s teletubes.

To continue the personalised journey, the call to action pushed recipients through to a personalised landing page. This featured a thought‐leadership piece about getting manufacturing businesses fit for the future. We then encouraged them to contact a named sales person at Atos to arrange their very own business ‘fitness assessment’.

The follow-up activity was determined by the recipient’s behaviour on the landing page. Those who engaged less received a tailored call which invited them to learn more about the ‘Factory of the Future’ concept. Those who engaged more were invited to set up a meeting for free consultancy with the relevant Atos sales manager.

This three step, personalised approach ensured that we followed up specific actions from the recipient with a relevant, tailored response. It helped us to better understand individuals’ needs – and to meet them.

To date this part of the campaign has generated millions in sales and tens of millions in pipeline.


Agency: Ogilvy&Mather Group UK

Client: Atos