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Claims and complaints

Claims and complaints

You will find information about claims and complaints below.

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Send claims and complaints

To have your claim processed as quickly as possible, it is best to contact the department that handles the service for which you wish to make a claim. You can find telephone numbers and email addresses above.

If you are unsure where to send your inquiry, please phone Customer Service on 04045 in Norway or +47 21 31 62 34  from abroad.

It is the sender of letters, parcels or goods who should normally submit a claim.

Processing time

A complaint is normally processed within 14 days. The processing time may vary depending on the relevant service and complaint. 

Force majeure

Force majeure is unforeseen circumstances that cannot be prevented. This includes fire, the outbreak of war, natural disasters, strikes, landslides and weather conditions that prevent fulfilment of the contract. For example, letters, parcels and goods that are delayed due to landslides, storms or closed roads come under force majeure. 

Gross negligence

Gross negligence means when someone has deliberately caused damage or can be blamed in relation to the damage that occurs.

Consequential damage

Consequential damage is damage or consequences that arise as a result of another incident. For example, additional costs that arise as a result of a delay are considered as consequential damage.