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Invoices and payment

Invoices and payment

You will find information about invoices and payment below.

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Changes or errors in the invoice

If there is an error in your invoice, you will find contact information in the invoice itself.

Changes to the payment deadline

We do not normally change payment deadlines. The only exception is if a claim has been submitted. Read more about our general payment terms.

Copy of the invoice

You will normally find a copy of your invoices for parcels, groupage and part-load nationally in Mybring. In My Post you will find invoices for mail and advertisements. If you wish to have these invoices sent to you, please contact Customer Service by email or telephone: 04045.

Invoice reminder received

If you have received a reminder in error, please contact us as soon as possible. Our contact information will be provided in the reminder. If the reminder is correct, please use the payment details provided in the reminder, not the original invoice.

Invoice crediting

Usually we issue a credit note. If the credited invoice has already been paid, we will enter this amount in the subsidiary ledger. If you wish to be refunded, please get in touch with your contact person or phone us on 04045.

Would you like a combined invoice?

If you would like a combined invoice, please speak to your contact person or phone us on 04045.


You may choose from the following alternatives:

  • E2B - from the Norwegian electronic billing system, e-invoice, via messaging in e2b 3.3. format
  • EHF (Elektronisk handelsformat, Norwegian standard) – e-invoice via access point
  • Invoices as PDFs in Digipost
  • Email – invoice as PDF in an email
  • EDI (1 to 1 link) in transport-format – only for our transport services

In Mybring you will find copies of invoices and credit notes.


Unfortunately, we do not offer autogiro.

Account statement

If you wish to have an account statement sent to you, please contact Customer Service by email: bringfaktura@bring.com or telephone: 04045. You can also order an account statement for mail and advertisements in My Post.