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Help with tracking of parcels and goods

Track & trace

Frequently asked questions

  • You can track your item using:

    • The item or parcel number
    • Sender's reference
    • Mobile phone number

    You can get the number from the supplier or sender. If it has been agreed, you can also get this via an SMS or email from us.

    An item or parcel number generally has 13 characters (2 letters + 9 numbers + 2 letters) or a number series that begins with 3 (18 digits) or 7 (17 digits). Enter the entire combination - for example: CS111111111NO or 370733344455566677.

  • You can track items like registered letters (or insured letters), parcels and goods. Within Norway, you can track the item throughout its journey from the time it was sent until it arrives directly with you or at the nearest delivery location. 

    Unfortunately, tracking of same-day deliveries or mailing items by courier is not possible. In such cases, you can contact Bring Express; phone 04050 for further information about your delivery.

    Outside Norway, we have limited tracking information connected with the means of transport and tracking system in the recipient country, with the exception of Business Parcels. For such deliveries, you can get tracking information within Norway and for most countries that participate in this service.

    Feel free to track mail, registered letters and parcels from abroad here.

  • Once your parcel is registered at the terminal, it will normally be driven out on the same day and made available at your collection point the next day, or you will be contacted prior to delivery to agree a delivery date. The mode of delivery will depend on the type of item and the means of transport.

    Tracking information is available when an item is en route and being transported between our terminals. This can take 1-4 days depending on the distance and method of transport.

  • If you have provided the sender with your mobile phone number or email address, your supplier can choose whether we should notify you when your item is en route or ready for delivery. The number of times you are notified will depend on which service the sender has chosen.

    If you receive a notification which is not for you, we may have been given the wrong mobile phone number or email address from the sender.

  • All parcels and goods going abroad or coming from abroad must have customs clearance. If the item does not have all the necessary customs documents, we will take care of import (into Norway) or export declaration (from Norway). If anything is missing, we will contact you.

    More information about customs clearance

  • Depending on the type of item, you can also track:

    Track & trace air 

    Track & trace sea  

    Mail items, registered letters and parcels from abroad (track with options. Select country)

    Most of our items can be tracked. If you want to send same-day deliveries or mailing items by courier, these deliveries cannot be tracked. In such cases, you should contact Bring Express; phone 04050 for further information about your delivery.

  • If there are major delays within our network, we will generally log this under operational messages. Delays may occur locally and on shorter distances, but this will have less effect on transit times.

    Transit times are a guide and do not come with a time guarantee. If you want a time guarantee, you need to select a service where this is included.

    A guide to transit times can be found on service sheets, and you can subscribe to operational messages in Mybring.

  • Each service has a different transit time. You can find these in each individual service sheet that is relevant to your mailing items. 

    For courier and express deliveries during the day, please phone us on 04050 for further information about the delivery.

  • In Mybring you can get comprehensive tracking for parcels, goods and letters within Norway and for parcels and goods going abroad or coming from abroad.

    You get access to:

    • The name and address of the recipient
    • Any cash on delivery (COD) amounts
    • List price and agreement price for the mailing item
    • Multiple events
    • Signature is available for one year