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Operational reports

Possible delays in sending packages and goods due to bad weather.

A new extreme weather with a lot of wind and rain/snow has been reported all over Norway. Northern Norway has already been hit by the weather and many roads are closed. Along the coast in western Norway, it has also started to blow up and several ferry departures are and will be canceled. The next day will also be challenging due to weather conditions.

The weather unfortunately affects many of our transports. The weather can create challenges for distribution cars that deliver to and pick up from the recipients. The weather can also affect trucks that go between the terminals and thus affect transportation time between the terminals.

Unfortunately, it must be expected that letters, packages and goods may be delayed due to closed roads and difficult driving conditions throughout the country.

We apologize for the inconvenience to our customers.

Due to the extreme weather "Hans", we are unfortunately experiencing delays in several places in Norway

Due to floods and damage to the infrastructure in several places in Norway, delays may occur. Train operations in particular are affected and in several places transport has to be moved to trucks instead.

We expect up to 1 day extra delivery time in and to Southern Norway and up to 3 days delay between Southern and Northern Norway.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but the weather is severe in several places and we prioritize the safety of our employees.

We are following the situation closely and update here continuously.

Sanctions implemented in the event of the war in Ukraine

Russia's war against Ukraine is ongoing. The current war situation affects customs handling, among other things with a number of export and import bans. We recommend our customers, who trade with Russia, Belarus and certain areas of Ukraine, to use the following channels to obtain the latest updated information on what applies at any given time.

Norway: Import and export restrictions towards Russia - Tolletaten (in Norwegian)

Sweden: The Ukraine war and customs clearance - Tullverket (in Swedish)

Denmark: The situation in Ukraine | Toldstyrelsen (in Danish)