Operational reports

24.03.23 14:27

Operations during Easter

During Easter, there are minor adjustments to operations. The most important changes are:

  • Until Tuesday, 4 April: Ordinary pickup and delivery of letters, parcels and goods
  • Wednesday, 5 April: Limited delivery of letters, parcels and goods within the immediate area of the terminal and no pickup of letters, parcels and goods
  • All our terminals, including Østlandsterminalen, are closed for handing in on Wednesday 5 April
  • Somewhat longer delivery times must be expected due to the Easter holidays
  • From Tuesday, 11 April: Pickup and delivery of letters, parcels and goods is carried out as usual

Are you closed in the days before Easter, or do you have other questions? Let us know at kundeservice@bring.com or on telephone 04045.
Keep up-to-date on operations on our customer service page.

20.04.22 14:16

Sanctions implemented in the event of the war in Ukraine

Russia's war against Ukraine is ongoing. The current war situation affects customs handling, among other things with a number of export and import bans. We recommend our customers, who trade with Russia, Belarus and certain areas of Ukraine, to use the following channels to obtain the latest updated information on what applies at any given time.

Norway: Import and export restrictions towards Russia - Tolletaten (in Norwegian)

Sweden: The Ukraine war and customs clearance - Tullverket (in Swedish)

Denmark: The situation in Ukraine | Toldstyrelsen (in Danish)