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You can get updated registers for your systems here

  • You get a full overview of all addresses with postcodes
  • Postcode tables and P.O.Box overviews are included
  • You get a reference in your own customer register
  • You avoid incorrect registrations and delays

For the recipient to receive the mail without delays and prevent it from being returned, it is important to use the correct addresses.

By using street and address registers, you will always have the correct spelling of street names and the correct postal code for the addresses.

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How much does it cost?

  • Street Register of Norway: NOK 8.000 - excluding VAT per quarter (subscription) or per single purchase 
  • Address Register of Norway: NOK 10.000 - excluding VAT per quarter (subscription) or per single purchase.

Street and address register

Street and address registers contain streets and roads in Norway that are registered with the Norwegian Mapping Authority. The registers contain a list of all streets and roads in the country with associated postcodes in electronic format.

Street register

Street register for Norway contains street and road names with street code, house numbers, postcodes, cities, municipal codes and names.

Address register

The address register for Norway contains all street and street names with each individual house number, postcodes, cities, municipal codes and names, and address numbers and street codes.

The files are updated weekly on Mybring, and you are free to download the updated registry as needed.

    How to use the register

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    Contact us

    Contact us to order

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    Download the register in Mybring

    Log in to Mybring and click on addresses

    Download the register and install it on your system

    Download the register again when we make changes