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Electronic address updating

Update the customer database and handle return mail at the same time

  • 4 different service levels
  • We send you a file with your customer's new address

Electronic address update (EA) processes mail that cannot be handed out and at the same time sends you a notification for updating your customer register. EA handles return shipments as you wish.

Most common is that we search for a new address and forward the letter by getting hits in Norway Post's address database.

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How much does it cost?

Price from 01.01.2024:

Annual subscription: NOK 2,700

In addition:

Per registration of new address (Service level 0,1,2): NOK 17.50
Per registration of return reason (Service level 0,1,2): NOK 11.70
Per shred without search (Service level 3): NOK 1.10
Prices ex. VAT.

Delivery of files on SFTP costs NOK 4,150 per year.

Technical description and delivery terms

    How to proceed

  1. 1

    Register as EA customer

    To get started with EA, you must have an agreement number, which you can get by contacting us. You will receive your agreement number by email within 1-2 days.

    Then you create a barcode for the desired level of service, and agree on routines with your print supplier. Send us a test shipment with the EA label for approval.

    Establish procedures for processing or importing the return file from EA. Then update the address database with the EA files before the next mailing.

  2. 2

    Incorrectly addressed shipments

    Processing of incorrectly addressed shipments depends on the level of service on the shipments.

    Shipments marked with the wrong address are either sent to the recipient or returned /shredded. This depends on the level of service you have selected.

    The new addresses or reason for return will be sent to you on file for updating your customer database.