Electronic address updating

The service of Electronic Address Update (EA) take care of letters that cannot be delivered. 

In addition you get a message for updating your customer account.

  • Time-saving
  • 4 different service levels
  • We send you a file with your customer's new address

Tell me what to do



To get started with EA, you need an appointment number, which you will get by registration here. You will receive your appointment number by email within 1-2 days.

Then you create the EA barcode for the desired service level, and arrange routines with your print provider. You send a test message with EA tag to the Post for approval.

Create procedures for processing or importing the return file from EA. Then update your address book with the EA files from the Post before the next posting.



Letters with incorrect address are treated according to information on the EA barcode.

Such letters with incorrect address are either sent to the recipient (if we know the new address), sent in return or shredded. This depends on the level of service you have chosen.

Incorrect addresses are corrected and the updates are sent electronically to you and your customer records.



The recipient

The recipient

Your recipient will receive the letter in the mailbox, if your chosen service level indicates so.

Otherwise it's up to you to send a new letter with correct address.

How much does it cost

Annual subscription for EA and SFTP* is invoiced upon registration of contract and subsequent every 12 months. Unit prices are invoiced monthly.

* SFTP is an optional add-on service, where you can choose to retrieve return files on a dedicated server, rather than the standard e-mail  transmission

Prices Electronic address updating 1.1.2021

Description Prices
EA Annual subscription 2,300.00
Per registration of a new address (Service level 0,1,2) 15.40
Per registration of a return reason (Service level 0,1,2) 10.20
Per destruction exclusive search for a new address (Service level 3) 0.95
SFTP Annual subscription (Optional) 3,700.00
All prices in NOK and exclusive VAT