For urgent deliveries - local courier service

If you need something transported quickly within your local area, the local courier service is a good solution.

Your mailing item is delivered according to the degree of urgency and when you want it.

  • Delivered direct to the recipient
  • Bicycle courier
  • Van courier
  • VIP courier

Tell me what to do



You can order the local courier service through this site or by phoning 04050.

For a more environmentally-friendly solution, we can offer bicycle couriers as an alternative to van couriers at many of our branches.

The VIP courier service is a good solution for your most urgent deliveries. The item you wish to have delivered will be transported without any other stops along the way.



The mailing item will be collected from your business and delivered by either bicycle or van.

The recipient

The recipient

The recipient will have the mailing item delivered direct to their door with production of a receipt.

How do I to make changes to my mailing item?

If you would like to make changes to your mailing item, you can choose from different additional services. These are ordered through either Mybring or by telephone.

How much does it cost?

Prices for express and courier will be increased by 3.0 % from January 1, 2021.