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Glow – easy ordering and tracking of deliveries

An innovative logistics platform with a focus on the recipient experience. Glow is our self-developed system for transport planning which we currently use in many of our services across the Nordic region. With Glow, you can order and track your deliveries all the way from collection to delivery.

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Through Glow’s delivery platform, users can plan and control delivery processes through route optimization and dispatching, which helps to streamline operations and reduce costs. Read more about how to order a courier service in Glow.

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Transparency throughout delivery

The core of Glow's functionality is based on real-time tracking. The delivery can be tracked at any time during transport by the sender, recipient, and the driving office that plans the routes.

GLOW interface and map display
Information about the delivery is available to you as the sender, to the recipient and to the driving office.

With Glow, the recipient is notified of the planned delivery time ahead of time. Depending on the service features, they may have the option to change both the date and time to better suit their schedule. As the delivery moves forward, the recipient receives regular updates until the package is delivered. Glow users have access to a live map that displays the driver's location on the route and the number of stops remaining. When the driver is approaching the recipient's location, an update is sent with the exact delivery time, providing the necessary information to ensure a smooth and convenient delivery experience.

From a logistics operator to another logistics operator

A well-functioning transport planning system requires a deep understanding of the processes and production. We have leveraged our extensive experience in both customer needs and process knowledge to develop a cutting-edge delivery system. The first implementation of Glow happened in Norway, in 2018, and has since been successfully rolled out throughout the Nordic region. Glow was built to optimize transportation logistics and improve efficiency, ultimately saving you time and money.

A courier delivers a package to a craftsman on a construction site
Our broad experience with deliveries allows us to continuously develop new relevant functions that meet the evolving needs of logistics operators.

The development team behind Glow follows a flexible working approach that allows for rolling out new features every day. The team maintains close communication with other parts of the organization to quickly resolve issues and identify opportunities.

The customer at the center

Today, the delivery is a large part of the recipient’s overall experience with you as a sender. Low predictability and unreliable delivery times being often cited as a source of irritation for recipients. The transparency in Glow provides customers with more opportunities to plan their day and enables customer service teams to address inquiries more efficiently.

Man tracking parcel on his mobile phone
Glow allows customers to see where the delivery is at all times.

Motek, which supplies quality tools to the construction industry, saw a great potential in Glow:

This will solve several of our biggest challenges. It can be difficult to get an overview of a large construction site, and it can lead to deliveries either ending up in the wrong place or with the wrong person. With a digital interface that gives everyone involved correct information, we can be absolutely sure that everything goes as it should.

Geir-Ove Briksdal, Distribution Manager at Motek

Easy to get started

Today, Glow is used for a variety of delivery services, including courier and home delivery. With Glow, you can choose the solution that best suits your delivery needs and get started with just a few simple keystrokes. Our system is designed to be highly flexible and adaptable, allowing for seamless integration with other systems you may have in place.

If you have used our courier services before, all you have to do is to register for a Glow account. If you need help setting up a customer account, just get in touch. Glow enables you to start sending courier shipments right away, with no maximum volume.

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Contact us if you want to know more about Glow or our courier and home delivery solutions.

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