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Bring E-Doc

Bring E-Doc is a service that provides an overview of all of the business' customs declarations with underlying documents.

  • A smart and cost-efficient tool that ensures correct archiving of customs declarations
  • One main module and several optional modules

This is a future-proof, modular subscription service that contributes to effective regulatory reporting.

Bring E-Doc is a smart and cost-effective tool to ensure correct archiving of customs declarations. This safeguards the business' reporting and payments, and that the correct customs and tax amounts for foreign trade are reimbursed. In addition, the authorities’ data capture, analysis and control tools are becoming increasingly more advanced. A good customs archive is therefore essential to ensuring a trading business' compliance.

Bring E-Doc is built up as one main module and several optional modules. We recommend that new customers first test the main module for a few months, and then decide which modules may be appropriate.

All customers with Bring E-Doc receive automatic VAT calculation at no extra cost. 

A customs officer is talking to a Bring driver.

Main module and several optional modules

Main module

The main module in Bring E-Doc contains a customs declaration archive where all customs declarations from Bring and other forwarders are gathered. Most forwarders in Norway can send customs declarations automatically to Bring E-Doc as either PDF or XML files, which means that you can use data from the declarations for e.g. regulatory reporting, filtering, enquiries and searches.

The main module helps to keep track of and store the declarations. If you are missing declarations from a forwarder, Bring E-Doc will capture this by cross-checking the stored documents against Norwegian Customs' monthly declaration overview, and then effectively enable you to request the documents. If a forwarder does not transmit automatically to Bring E-Doc, documents can be stored manually together with the other declarations – so that the archive is complete.

The main module will include a specification of import VAT, and an overview of VAT details – complete, incomplete or deficient. The report can be exported to Excel for a summary by tax rate (basis/amount). The details will depend on what you receive from your respective forwarders. Declarations from Bring will contain VAT details for E-Doc users.

Bring E-Doc naturally fulfils the Norwegian Customs' storage requirements, cf. Sections 4-12 and 13-4 of the Norwegian Customs Act, and replaces any need for internal archiving. The documents are stored in accordance with the statutory period of ten years.

Invoice match module

With invoice match, customs declarations stored in the archive can be matched with associated invoices generated by the business' accounting system. This ensures that all goods shipments to and from abroad have a valid customs declaration, or vice versa, that all customs declarations belong to an invoice.

Analysis module

The analysis module can analyse and allow you to search the customs declarations at goods line level with regard to tariff number, goods description, customs codes or special excise duties. This allows you to easily create accurate reports and reveal missing or incorrectly calculated customs and excise duties.

VAT module

The VAT module simplifies the procedures for reporting VAT to the Norwegian Tax Administration. The module supports marking declarations with VAT bookkeeping status, as well as more rapid completion of deficient VAT details received from the forwarder. This is particularly useful for large companies that need VAT overviews to be completed more frequently than every other month.

But it is not necessary to have this module in order to report correct VAT, as Bring offers VAT calculation at no extra cost to all Bring E-Doc customers.