Instruction for filling in Customs Invoice/Proforma Invoice

The Customs Invoice is used for consignments that do not contain commodities, e.g. for which the recipient is not to pay, such as samples or a warranty repair.

Use capital letters and fill in the form with information of the content in the shipment. Please note that our downloadable document is only a template, so if you choose to use it, you must sign and mark it with a company logo/stamp. You must add two copies to your shipment. It is important that the content of the consignment is clearly stated in order to avoid delays and problems.

Filling out form:

  • Company name/logo
  • Terms of delivery
  • Sender’s name and address 
  • Recipient’s name and address 
  • Enter total gross weight (including packaging)
  • Enter total net weight
  • Quantity (e.g. 2 pairs, 2 pieces)
  • Net weight of each article
  • Tariff number/HS-number
  • Description of each article/item. It is not enough to write for example sample, gift, clothing or spare parts. *
  • Country of origin
  • Value and currency per item line (e.g. Norwegian kroner)
  • The total value 
  • Reason for export (e.g. gift private, for repair, samples NCV)
  • Invoice declaration confirms the origin of the goods and requires signature or authorization number to be valid
  • Date of issue of the customs/proforma invoice

* For goods sent for repair, it is important that specific details appear in the item description (ID number, CE marking etc.), in order for the goods to be identified upon re-import to Norway