PO Box rental

PO Box rental

Rent a PO Box to receive mail 5 days a week

  • Secure storage of your business mail
  • Early delivery
  • Collect your mail when it suits you within Postens opening hours

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How much does it cost?

Current prices from 01.01.2023:

Small PO Box, 1-2 users NOK 1096. Per extra user NOK 548.
Large PO Box, 1-2 users NOK 1712. Per extra user NOK 856.
When renting a new PO Box, an establishment fee of NOK 328 is paid.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Download prices from 1.1.2023

What do you need to know?

Service specifications

You can choose between two different sizes: 

  • Small letterbox (8cm x 24cm)
  • Large letterbox (16cm x 24cm).

    How to proceed

  1. 1

    Find an avaliable PO Box

    Log in and search for available PO Boxes at any Post office 

  2. 2

    How to order

    Fill in the fields in the ordering solution. When the order has been completed, you will be given your new PO Box address 

  3. 3

    Handing over of keys

    Your PO Box is ready for use four workingdays after the invoice has been paid. Remember to bring identification for handing over keys at the Post office

  4. 4

    Pick-up agreement

    Additional agreement if you would like your mail collected