Franking machine

Recommended if sending more than 40 letters a week. Helping you save time and money.

Delivery times will be 2-3 businessdays across the country, and for mailbox there will be 2 days.

  • Convenient for both letters and small packets
  • Gives your mail a professional look
  • Load postage online
  • Items up to 2 kilo

Tell me what to do

To get started, please contact one of our authorized dealers or just fill in our form and you will get an offer on franking machines.

Quadient AS
Postboks 134 Furuset
1001 OSLO
Telefon: +47 22 90 14 00

Azolver Norge AS
Postboks 100 Kalbakken
0902 OSLO
Telefon: +47 23 33 93 00

Postrom Maskiner AS
Postboks 44 Haugenstua
0915 OSLO
Telefon: +47 23 33 88 33

Unused franking prints

Do you have unused franking imprint, fill in our refund form and send it together with the unused prints to Posten Norge AS, Customer Service, PO Box 133, 1701 Sarpsborg. A fee of NOK 147,- per refund claim is payable

Underpaid postage- prices

In case of underpaid postage, the letter will still be delivered, but you will receive an invoice for the deficient amount + an administration fee of NOK 61.00 from us. There will be an additional fee of NOK 11.00 per letter. If sender’s name and address are not given on the item, the invoice will go to the addressee.

How much does it cost


Save on postage by using a franking machine. Every time you fill up your postage account we automatically add a 20 % bonus to the amount paid in.