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Express Nordic 09:00 bulk

When it's urgent! Extra fast parcel delivery directly to your door the very next day in the Nordics.

  • Fast - delivery to recipient before 09:00 the next working day
  • Safe - delivery with time guarantee
  • Simple - combined customs clearance for all parcels

This service is suitable for those who need fast and time-guaranteed deliveries the next day before 09:00 between companies in the Nordics.

Bring truck

How much does it cost?

How to calculate the price

Express Nordic 09:00 Bulk is an agreement-based service, and you will find the price for shipments in your customer agreement.

What do you need to know?

Service specifications

Max weight: 35 kg

Maximum format: Length 150 cm and circumference 300 cm

    How to proceed

  1. 1

    Packing and packaging

    Pack the goods securely, fixed in the box with shock-absorbing material and secure outer packaging. More good tips on how to pack and label can be found here.

  2. 2

    Ordering and collection

    There must be a signed agreement for the service. You can then order directly in Mybring, via API, EDI or in your TA system. Collection takes place Monday to Friday, and is included in the service. If there is no fixed collection agreement, collection can be ordered in Mybring.

  3. 3

    During transport

    The shipment can be tracked en route via bring.no/en

  4. 4

    Delivery and reception

    The recipient gets the goods delivered to their door, weekdays before 09:00.

Additional Services

  • Suitable if you would like extra security for the item and has been developed together with Tryg Insurance. 

    When you are ordering additional insurance, you must complete the following information in the EDI advance notice:

    • Parcel number (applies as insurance agreement number)
    • Sum insured or value of the goods (for example NOK 12,000)
    • Object insured or contents (for example a watch)
    • Email address
    • Indicator ”Y” (Yes) in the specified field to say that you want insurance

    When we have received your order and the parcel you wish to send, we will send an insurance agreement to your email address. If there are any errors or omissions when completing your order, the insurance will be invalid.


    The premium is 0.3% of the sum insured/value of the goods with a minimum premium of NOK 30. Excess is NOK 250 per compensation case. The maximum sum insured is NOK 25,000. If you state the value of goods as higher than NOK 25,000, you will only be invoiced 0.3% of NOK 25,000.

    For example: The value of the goods is NOK 12,000. Premium = NOK 12,000 x 0.003 (0.3%) = NOK 36 (minimum premium of NOK 30). The premium will be charged to your invoice. If you have specified invoicing by email, the information will be on a separate line under the associated parcels.