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Price list for additional services and other surcharges

The surcharges below are valid for the following parcel services: Business parcel, Express next day, PickUp parcel and Home delivery parcel.

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Prices from December 1, 2023:

  • Delayed EDI, single parcel: NOK 60 
  • Delayed EDI, load carrier: NOK 600 
  • Produce EDI (incorrect / not received): NOK 149
  • Handling surcharge: NOK 149 (not valid for Mailbox Parcel)
  • Manual invoice: NOK 330 (not valid for Mailbox Parcel)
  • Wrong customer number: NOK 1,010
  • Wrong shipment number: NOK 1,010
  • Incomplete packaging: NOK 133 per parcel, max NOK 532 (not valid for Mailbox Parcel)
  • Label is unreadable: NOK 60
  • Wrong address: NOK 73
  • Pick-up shipment: NOK 55 (valid for Mailbox Parcel from January 1, 2024)
  • Collection notice by letter: NOK 21 (valid for PickUp parcel and Mailbox Parcel)
  • Parcel handed in at pick-up location: NOK 23 (valid for Business Parcel)
  • Parcel handed in at pick-up location: NOK 21 (valid for PickUp Parcel and Home Delivery Parcel
  • Driver calls NOK 28 (valid for Business Parcel)
  • Small pick-up: NOK 250 (invoiced if the turnover value for Pick-up parcel, Home delivery parcel, Business parcel in total is less than NOK 450 / day)(not valid for Mailbox Parcel)