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Return business pallet

Pallets returned from businesses

  • When your customer wants to return pallets, Pallets returned from businesses is a simple returns solution for you and your recipients in Finland, Sweden or Denmark.
  • Your business can track the item.

In other countries the recipient must return goods themselves by resending the item. In other words, there is no returns solution for other countries apart from those mentioned.

The pallet is collected from the business and is then delivered to the door of your business during office hours between Monday and Friday.
The return pallet can weigh up to 750 kg per parcel, including packaging and the weight of the pallet. Maximum weight per transport assignment is 23 tons.

Pallets for which a delivery attempt is made have a collection deadline of 14 days (4 weeks in some countries). If the pallet is not collected within the deadline, it will be returned unless the sender has clearly stated on the transport label that he permits a waiver for the pallet.

Transit time: The delivery time will vary from country to country.

Pallets and parcels in different sizes

How much does it cost?


All prices are in Norwegian kroner and include a basic price and kilo surcharge; fuel surcharges are not included.

Price of Cargo Insurance from December 1, 2023:

Europe: Parcel NOK 175
Rest of the world: Parcel NOK 239

Europe: Pallet - 0.2% of the insured value - minimum NOK 584

Other values: Pallet - not applicable *Can only be combined with Parcel and Pallet products.

Price list from December 1, 2023 (pdf)

Additional Services

  • Cargo Insurance - we recommend Cargo Insurance for guaranteed compensation for the full value of your goods in the event of damage or loss.

    Applies to all types of permitted goods with the exception of mobile phones, wine, spirits and refrigerated, frozen and fresh or damaged goods. Items sent to/from Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan cannot be insured.

    Please contact your seller if you would like Cargo Insurance for a full year.

  • Ad Hoc Pickup - If your customers do not have a set collection agreement, you can use an additional service called Ad Hoc Pickup. With this, we collect the return parcels the following day and debit you.

    How to proceed:

    Please contact your seller to get Ad Hoc Pickup included in your agreement. When the return item is collected from your customer, the driver applies a transport label and you are debited for Ad Hoc Pickup in addition to standard freight. You or your customers can book collection by email. Bring Parcels has instructions about how Ad Hoc Pickup can be ordered quickly and easily. The instructions can be attached with your mailing items or sent separately to your customers.