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Specialized Transport – for cargo of non-standard dimensions

We help you ship oversize and overweight goods

  • Customised – modern equipment is used for the transport of special goods both nationally and internationally
  • Safe – extensive experience and solid expertise guarantee safe and reliable shipment of goods
  • Bespoke – ensures that all requirements are met and permits, licences and necessary documentation are completed

Do you need to ship items of exceptional length, width, height, weight or a combination of these? Our specialised transport experts help you find the ideal shipment solution either by road, sea or air. 

We provide modes of transport that are designed to carry the cargo. Vehicles with special equipment and experienced drivers ensure that the cargo arrives safely every time.

Our experts also have extensive experience in maritime operations and are able to assist with a range of transport solutions including heavy lift, barges and ro-ro vessels.

A lift loading cargo on to a Bring trailer