General Terms and Conditions for International Cargo

General Terms and Conditions for International Cargo

Valid from 2016.


Bring Cargo's transport regulations are regulated for by the general provisions of the Nordic Freight Forwarders (NSAB 2015), the Norwegian Road Freight Act, the Norwegian Maritime Code, the Norwegian Aviation Act, the Warsaw Convention (Aviation), the Hague Convention (Maritime) as well as Bring Cargo’s transport guide. Goods are received for transport according to the tariffs, freight calculations and transport regulations that apply to Bring Cargo.

There are labelling and information requirements regarding the type/nature of the goods. The packaging must be such that it enables the goods to withstand being loaded with other goods. We reserve the right to make changes to the guide without further notice. Our tariffs only apply to freight that is payable in Norway.

Labelling goods/completing documents

All parcels should be clearly labelled and in accordance with the consignment note, parcel list or electronically-transferred forwarding information. For collection on behalf of Bring Cargo’s inland system, only labels approved by NorStella will be accepted. Incorrect labelling and/or errors with the forwarding information will be corrected by Bring Cargo at the freight payer’s expense. The sender is responsible for removing or crossing out old labels.

Weight/volume calculation

The sender is responsible for ensuring that the weight and dimensions are correctly specified for the individual item/parcel. Dimensions and/or weights that have been incorrectly specified will be corrected at the freight payer’s expense.

Customs clearance

Unless otherwise agreed, mailing items from abroad will have customs clearance carried out by Bring Cargo at the terminal at which the mailing item has arrived.