Terms and conditions for Home delivery parcel

Terms and conditions for Home delivery parcel

General terms of delivery and payment for parcels delivered at home in Norway

Conditions for using the service

This service is used for sending parcels from businesses to private customers.

Coverage area and delivery time

We cover the entire country. We deliver during the day from 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or in the evening from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. (cities and towns) (pdf). Table with delivery times in Excel

Transit time

1-3 working days, depending on the route. See the delivery table here. Does not include a time guarantee or any kind of delivery guarantee.

Pick-up from customer

Not included in the service offered, but can be arranged. (No pick-up on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve). It is also possible to deliver the parcel to a Post in store/Post office.

Method of delivery

To the recipient's door signed for on receipt. Delivered between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Parcels that have not been possible to deliver can be picked up by the recipient at a Post in store/Post office. Parcels where the recipient has accepted that delivery can take place without a signature will be left according to deal. This is at the risk of the recipient. 

We have limitations for certain addresses, for example to islands without a road connection.

Notification of parcel arrived

The recipient is notified by SMS when the parcel is loaded onto the vehicle on the day of delivery. The driver calls 30 - 60 minutes in advance of evening delivery.

Pick-up deadline at Post in store/Post office

The pick-up deadline for all domestic parcels is 14 days. Parcels that are not collected within the deadline will be returned. A reminder will be sent to the recipient after 5 days. NB! Domestic parcels arriving in the period from 1-17 July will not be returned until August 1 and can be picked up throughout July. Parcels will also not be returned in the period between 23/12 -1/1. For text/email notification, a reminder will be sent on day 3 and day 11.

From 01.10.2022 the pick-up deadline for parcels picked up at Post-in-stores and in Parcel boxes will be changed from 14 days to 7 days. The recipient can request an extended pick-up deadline from 7 to 14 days free of charge via the Posten App or via text message.

Maximum weight and maximum dimensions

Maximum weight: 35 kg per parcel
Maximum length: 240 cm
Maximum length plus circumference: 360 cm
Minimum dimensions: 23 x 13 x 1 cm


The sender is responsible for ensuring that the contents of a parcel are packed securely. There are often several reloading and resorting tasks along the way, so the packaging must be solid and adapted for the goods to be shipped. Fragile items must be surrounded by impact-absorbing material that withstands pressure and impact, while protecting the contents. Goods placed on pallets must be wrapped, strapped or packaged in a way that provides the best possible protection against damage and ensures that the goods remain on the pallet during the entire transport.

Dangerous goods

Posten does not have a separate handling and transport facility for hazardous goods/contents and therefore cannot carry goods classified as dangerous goods in accordance with the international regulations “ADR - transport of Dangerous Goods by Road” More information on this can be found at posten.no/bring.no or via Posten's customer service phone number 04045.


Approved and correctly completed transport labels/address cards must be used. If an unapproved address label is used the shipment can be rejected.


Can be used. EDI requires a simple computer program for labelling as well as the generation and transmission of shipment information.


The price is according to the current price list unless otherwise agreed. See prices here.

Handling surcharge

For parcels where one of the sides is over 120 cm or two of the sides are over 60 cm, a handling surcharge will apply. The same applies to parcels below the minimum size, cylindrical parcels and parcels without packaging. See the current price list.

Svalbard surcharge

A fixed price surcharge applies to parcels to Svalbard. See price list.

Form of payment/invoice

Credit requirements and payment terms are clarified with the Credit Department. The Credit Department informs the customer about the credit terms directly via email. All submitted assignments can be invoiced. In case of late payment, delayed payment interest will accrue in accordance with the Norwegian Act concerning interest on overdue payments. Posten charges a standard reminder fee. In the event of payment default, non-defaulted invoices will also be calculated as defaulted and can be collected together with overdue claims. Posten retains the right to offset its outstanding accounts against the customer´s claims against Posten.

Posten can stop invoicing services with immediate effect if the agreed credit limit is exceeded due to payment default or a downgraded creditworthiness by the credit information agency. In cases where creditworthiness is downgraded, the customer may be offered a new credit agreement against security. The item determines the amount of the security. Claims must be made within the due date. Only the claimed part of an invoice can be withheld during the claim processing. In the event of a merger, the agreement is terminated if the contracting party is the company that is being acquired. The agreement terminates with immediate effect if a company is reported as dissolved to the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises or when bankruptcy proceedings are initiated.

Form of payment/parcels via franking machine

Parcels and optional services are prepaid by recharging the postage machine with the desired amount. Discrepancies between the customer's valuation on the franking machine and the price calculation carried out by Bring are settled in arrears. Discrepancies are accumulated and invoiced to the customer at least once every three months, according to current procedures, cf. the item “Invoice” - text in italics. If the customer has paid too much, the excess amount will be credited at least once every three months. Amounts under NOK 100 over a three-month period are not credited to the customer.



Time guarantee



Parcels and goods sent with Posten Norge AS under the Bring brand are regulated by the Norwegian Road Transport Act.


A claim for compensation must be submitted within one year after the shipment date. As a rule, this must be done by the sender. Claim forms are available at the post office. Documentation must be provided showing that the parcel was sent.


The terms and conditions may be changed by Posten with one month’s notice.

Returns service

Yes, a returns service is offered. When using EDI, the advance notice must be sent at the same time as the transport label is printed.