If you are sending at least 5,000 domestic items, you can get a discount on mailings delivered within defined postcode areas with a high delivery density.

The mailing must be booked online at My Post, and at the same time you must upload a postcode file that shows the postcodes to which the items are addressed. The discount is automatically calculated based on the number of items addressed to a postcode within the defined areas. The postcode file must only include Norwegian postcodes.

Here is what you do:

  • If you have registered your mailing as a prior notification and  have already uploaded a postcode file there is no need to upload a new file. The discount for delivery density will automatically be calculated based on the files that have already been uploaded.
  • To make a new order without a prior notification, just tick off the Discount for delivery density box after filling in the order details
  • During the ordering process you will get a message about uploading the postcode file
  • Use your usual address files as the basis for creating a postcode file in EXCEL or CSV format
  • The discount will be automatically calculated based on the number of items within defined postcode areas 
  • The discount will be displayed in your order confirmation as a average discount divided by the number of items in the order

The discount can be combined with other discounts - see price list or terms and conditions for Items of identical format

Overview of postcodes that are included in the discount for delivery density
Download list of postcodes (Excel)

If you have any questions, please phone your regular contact or our Customer service on 04045