P.O.Box rental

PO Box rental is avaliable at Post offices, Post in Shops and business centres.

Rent your own PO Box, or share with others.

  • Two keys included
  • Keeps your company mail safe
  • Early delivery
  • Collect your mail when you like

Tell me what to do


  1. Check with the Post office, or phone 04045 to find out if there is a vacant PO Box where you would like one
  2. Fill out and deliver our agreement form to the Post office in which you would like to rent a PO Box, and remember to bring identification
  3. When the agreement is signed, you will receive your new PO Box address
  4. The mail will be delivered at the times displayed in the PO Box facility
  5. Additional agreement if you would like your mail collected

How much does it cost

The price of renting a PO Box is based on an annual fee. There is an arrangement fee of NOK 328 for renting a new PO Box. All prices in NOK exclusive of VAT.

Prices PO Box rental 1.1.2020

Type of box 1-2 users Per extra user
Small 992.00 496.00
Large 1552.00 776.00
A fee of NOK 328,- is payable for new P.O.Box entries