Temperature-controlled transport

If sending goods that require a particular temperature, temperature-controlled transport is the solution for you.

Whether your business is sending groceries, foodstuffs or seafood, your goods will be transported safely to your recipients by road, rail and sea.  

  • Unbroken temperature chain and food safety
  • Global reach
  • We transport everything from foodstuffs to medicines, groceries, seafood, fruit and vegetables
  • Simplified customs processing

Tell me what to do



You can order via your contact person, or contact us on 04051 and we will find the most suitable solution for you. When ordering you must also specify the desired temperature zone for your goods.

Upon collection, the temperature of your goods will be checked to ensure that they are maintaining the right temperature.



Your goods will be transported either directly to your recipients or to a terminal.

On dividing the goods at the terminal, the temperature of your goods will be checked again against the listed temperature to ensure that they are still maintaining the right temperature.

The recipient

The recipient

The goods will be delivered to the recipient upon production of a receipt.

When the recipient takes delivery of the goods, the driver will do a final temperature check to ensure that your goods are delivered in a proper condition and at the right temperature. 

How much does it cost?

You will find the price of temperature-controlled transport in your customer agreement.

Prices for transport will increase by 5.9% from December 1, 2019.

Price list

Useful customs information

In Norway, we also offer our customers import, export and EU customs clearance services, including Intrastat declarations. This helps your business to offer quick processing of all types of customs procedures.

Your business must supply transport information 24 hours before departure in accordance with approved booking conditions. This service is offered regardless of whether or not your business has purchased transport from Bring.

Familiarize yourself with customs and tax rules