Constant changes in the road network mean that there will occur surcharges for all parcels, groupage and part load shipments.

Valid as of October 1st, 2019:

Road toll

Level Place Parcels Groupage Part loads
Level 2 Oslo 2.00 2.0% maximum NOK 48 2.0% maximum NOK 144
Level 1 Rest of Norway 1.50 1.0% maximum NOK 16 1.0% maximum NOK 64

Parcels, Groupage and Part loads

For shipments between Oslo and a terminal in rest of Norway the toll charge will be based on level 2 plus level 1. For shipments between terminals outside Oslo the toll charge will be based on twice level 1. Local shipments will be charges with one toll charge, either level 1 (other terminals) or level 2 (Oslo).