Proof of delivery

If you send a letter with proof of delivery (POD), your recipient will receive a message from the nearest post office or post-in-shop when the item has arrived.

Documentation of legitimated delivery will be sent to your business.

  • We will deliver your mailing within 3 working days within Norway.
  • If the notification is sent by mail, it will take extra 2 - 3 days
  • The recipient must collect the item in person and show ID
  • Track and trace
  • Maximum weight 200 g and maximum size according to the POD envelope template

Tell me what to do



If your business is subject to the Norwegian Money Laundering Act, we can set up an agreement regarding use of the POD service. Contact us about setting up an agreement.

Remember to label the envelope with a numbered POD tag which you can order from the online shop. In addition, you must label the item with a POD label and printed postage impression. It is important that the labels are placed correctly.

POD items must be addressed to a recipient’s private address.

Fill out the receipt list, and deliver POD items to the agreed post office.



POD is a domestic service and we will deliver your mailing within 2-3 working days.

If you are sending more than 1000 POD items, the regular delivery time only apply if the mailing is handed in by 10:00 a.m.

The item can be tracked.

The recipient

The recipient

Your recipient will receive a notification by mail or SMS and may collect the item from the nearest Post office or Post in Shop.

The delivery location copies the recipient’s ID for the POD documentation, which is sent to your business address. 

If the item is not collected within 5 days, the recipient will receive a reminder. If after 14 days it has still not been collected, or it is not possible to copy the mailing item, it will be returned as a registered letter to your business.



How much does it cost

Prices as from 01.01.2021: 
Proof of delivery costs NOK 316.00 per item (exclusive of VAT).  Included postage, delivery to the recipient and return of documentation showing the recipient's signature and identity.