Credit limit

Revolving credit is granted for services and products which the Customer buys from Posten Norge AS (Posten). Posten carries out regular checks on the Customer’s creditworthiness. Should the Customer’s creditworthiness change, Posten may alter the credit limit correspondingly without further notice.

The credit granted is allocated together with a customer number. Departments may also have their own customer number registered under the same organisation number. The Customer is responsible for all purchases made using the allocated customer numbers. The customer number must be stated on orders when they are submitted. For logistics services, address cards with a bar code or labels with a customer number are to be used when EDI solutions are used. Should there be a need for a reference on the invoice, it is the Customer’s responsibility to state this on the order that is submitted. Should other companies within the Customer’s group use the agreement, Posten will demand payment from the party to this agreement.

Payment deadline

Assignments are to be paid for in accordance with the due date on the invoice. In the case of any delay in payment, interest on overdue payments is calculated in accordance with the Norwegian Act relating to interest on overdue payments, et seq. Posten charges a standard reminder fee for reminders/debt-collection notices. In the case of any fundamental default in payment, any invoices that have not yet fallen due are counted as having fallen due and may be collected together with claims that have fallen due.

Objections to the invoice must be raised in writing with Posten within 10 days of the receipt of the invoice. Complaints are to be made to the division of Posten that has supplied the service or product. The Norwegian Sale of Goods Act’s rules governing complaints apply. Complaints only entitle the Customer to withhold that part of the invoice amount that has been complained about. Posten is entitled to set off any amount owed to it against claims that the Customer has against Posten.


In the case of any fundamental breach, Posten may stop providing credit with immediate effect. A fundamental breach includes, i.a., a default in payment. Should credit be stopped, the customer number is blocked in the production systems. The credit is not automatically reopened when the outstanding amount has been paid.

Mergers and Organisational Changes

This contract may not be transferred to the acquiring company in a merger, as in the system the contract is linked electronically to the contract party's enterprise number and name in the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises. The contract may be terminated on 1 month's notice after the merger has been notified by the Register of Business Enterprises. The customer is responsible for informing Posten Norge AS about the merger, so that a new customer role can be created in Posten's customer system, and a new contract entered into with the acquiring company. Consequently, the contract cannot be transferred to another company within the same Group. Please contact the Customer Credit Department for more information when such changes occur.


Should any disagreement arise relating to purchases from Posten, attempts shall first be made to resolve the dispute through negotiations. Should negotiations fail to succeed within 30 days, either of the parties may seek to have the dispute resolved by the ordinary courts unless the parties agree that the dispute is to be resolved through arbitration in accordance with the Norwegian Arbitration Act, cf Act no. 25 of 2004. Oslo District Court is the proper legal venue.

Withdrawal of credit

Credit will be automatically withdrawn if a Customer has not been invoiced for services/products for a period of 18 months. Should there be a need for new credit, contact Posten Norge AS, customer credit, tel +47 810 24 300 or e-mail