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Customs advisory services

Customs advisory services

The enire world has become one single marketplace, which makes great demands of both manufacturers and suppliers. Our customs advisers can help you make cross-border trade safe and easy.

  • Make trade more agile across national borders - ensure faster customs clearance, so your goods arrive on time
  • Receive correct reimbursement of customs and duties on return consignments
  • Reduce the risk of delays and additional costs during transport
  • Digitise, optimise and streamline customs processes

Do you sell across national borders, or are you considering expanding into new markets? Then you may also have found that customs duties, VAT and other excise duties can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

Bring’s customs advisers can help you to keep the complex issues simple, ensuring correct handling of both customs and documentation before, during and after the trade. 

illustrated map of the Nordic region showing logistics routes.

Help throughout the customs process

Our customs advisers address your needs, whether you have experience with customs or this is completely new to you. We help you with various tasks throughout the customs process, whether this is advice and guidance, or handling the actual customs process.

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Digitalisation of customs archives

Bring E-doc gives you a better overview and greater control of your shipments. All your customs data is gathered digitally, including analyses, applications, reports and enquiries, and can be easily shared with your colleagues, wherever they are. 

Returns and customs reimbursement 

We help you with the calculation and reimbursement of customs duties from the state authority, to ensure correct reimbursement of customs and duties for return consignments. We also quality assure your applications so that you can be sure they are filled in correctly. 

Classification of goods 

We can guide you on how to classify the goods correctly, and how to apply for binding classification.

Digitalisation of the customs process 

Correctly completed digital customs documents are the basis for effective customs clearance. When we work together to streamline customs processes, we therefore use the documentation you, as an exporter or importer, exchange with us. 

How to get started 

We offer several solutions that can be matched to your needs, to make it as easy as possible for you to get started with our customs advisory services. Whether you want to optimise your existing customs processes or require quality control or guidance, we can help you through the entire establishment process and ensure that your cross-border sales get off to a good start.