Addressed mail and advertising

If you have a lot of the same size pamphlets, letters, invoices, magazines or brochures, Items of identical format is a good solution.

The distribution of addressed mail and advertising is climate neutral.


  • 2-3 day delivery time across the country, and for mailbox there will be 2 days
  • Small, large or extra large sizes
  • Max. 2 kg per item

Tell me what to do



Check that your items are within the set sizes and weight formats, and that they are correctly labelled with the Postage paid impression and delivery speed.

Mailings of less than 5 000 items can be handed-in at your local Post Office or Post in Shop. Larger quantities must be handed-in at our mail terminals. For more information plead read our terms and conditions.



The mail will be delivered to your recipient 2-3 business days after submission. For mailbox there will be 2 days. Delivery time is the same across the country.

Abroad, the entry is marked with "Priority". Delivery time is between 4 and 16 days - depending on country and distance.

A complete and correct address plays a major role in ensuring that your mail is delivered to the right recipient without delay.

The recipient

The recipient

Your recipient receives the mail in their post box.

Add value to your mailing by giving your customer the opportunity to respond or order your services. Attach a Business reply service coupon, pre-addressed to your business and postage free for your customer.

How much does it cost?

The price per item is a combination of the price per item and price per kilo.

You can calculate the price for the entire mailing in My Post or find all the prices in the price list.

This list will also give you an overview of what discounts you can get - based on:

  • Volume
  • Whether you give your prior notification to us
  • If your items are machine readable