Unaddressed direct mail and advertising

If you would like to send out advertisements, customer magazines, direct mail (DM), flyers, free newspapers or information for households or businesses, this is the solution for you. We help you find the right target group using different tools.

You can choose early week distribution (delivered Monday and Tuesday) or midweek (delivered Wednesday and Thursday)

  • Sales triggers
  • Lots of attention
  • Broad coverage
  • Climate-neutral mailing

Tell me what to do



Select your target group and find a delivery day to suit your campaign. Download our 2021 and 2022 delivery days calendar. You can choose choose early week distribution (delivered Monday and Tuesday) or midweek (delivered Wednesday and Thursday)

To find your target group and order a mailing, please contact our Customer Service on 04045 (International calls +4721316254). The order deadline is ten working days prior to handing day.

Mailings up to 10,000 items can be handed in at the Post office; larger mailings must be handed in to one of our Post terminals.



Depending on the distance, it takes 3-7 working days from handing in to delivery. Download our handing in deadlines and delivery speed table 2021

Early week: The broadcasts are delivered on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. About 85% of the consignments are delivered before Monday at 17:00.
Midweek: The broadcasts will be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday

Items are delivered Monday to Thursday. You can order delivery on a particular day or over three distribution days, from a specific date.

The recipient

The recipient

The items are delivered to the recipient's mailbox.

Households may opt out of receiving advertisements and/or free newspapers.

Unaddressed direct mail and Free newspapers will not be delivered to "No direct mail" households. Unaddressed mail labelled "information" will however be delivered.

More about advertising

We can help you with all aspects of unaddressed direct mail advertising. If you would like to learn more about how you can select target groups or test the effects of advertising, you can find this on the page DM in the mailbox

When sending small or large volumes visit the page Preparing unaddressed direct mail

How much does it cost

The basic price is divided into three delivery zones:

  • Zone 0 covers the four largest cities with some neighbouring municipalities
  • Zone 1 covers other cities and highly-populated areas
  • Zone 2 covers the rest of the country

The minimum price is NOK 1.000 per order.
The start price is NOK 900 if the order cannot be placed through My Post.