Franking machine for parcels

If you are sending a small amount of parcels each month, a franking machine for parcels is a good solution for you.

The insured parcels should be handed in to a post office or post-in-shop.

  • Parcels up to 35 kg
  • Mail items up to 2 kg per item
  • You can charge the machine online at My Post

Tell me what to do

What makes this so easy is to make use of the franking machine as a settlement form for mail, parcels and additional services. It means that you only pay for what you frank for.

  1. You connect the franking machine to a PC that has the right electronic data interchange (EDI) software. It is important to remember here that the EDI software and the franking machine must have the necessary technology.
  2. You can weigh the parcel on the franking machine’s integrated weighing scales, on a separately-connected scale or on an external scale.
  3. Print out the address labels on a standard or thermal printer, and stick them on the top of the parcel.
  4. Hand in your parcels to the nearest post office or post-in-shop.

When your item arrives here in reception, we will check that everything is in order using equipment that has been approved by Justervesenet (the Norwegian Metrology Service). A settlement will be made if there is any discrepancy between the amount paid via the franking machine and the amount calculated in reception. In other words, settlement, invoicing and crediting.

This service applies to: To the door of the business (LINK), Business Express and private customers (LINK), To be Collected at the Post Office (LINK) and At home in the evening (LINK)

How much does it cost?

The parcels are priced by you, with the price based on the actual weight. It is important to remember that the price is not calculated on volume weight.

Prices excluding VAT

Download prices (Excel) (LINK)


Cash on delivery (COD) (LINK) (To be Collected at the Post Office) NOK 36 More about COD (LINK).
Special goods (all services) More about special goods (LINK).
Saturday delivery (Business Parcel Express Overnight 9:00 a.m.) NOK 135,-
Svalbard surcharge (all services) More about Svalbard surcharge (LINK).
SMS/email notification (LINK)
Additional insurance (LINK) Price according to insurance amount
There is an extra charge of NOK 14 for the following: To be Collected at the Post Office, handed in to post office or post-in-shop.
For the service “To be Collected at the Post Office” for recipients in remote areas, this costs an extra NOK 14.