Registered letters

Sending an important letter? We deliver the letter to the local Post office or Post in Shop and the recipient will receive a notification by mail or SMS.


The recipient must show ID upon delivery


  • Handing-out is normally within 3 working days by the use of electronic message to the receiver
  • If the message must be sent by mail the recipient will receive the message after 2 -3 days
  • Can be tracked. International letters are tracked until leaving the Norway
  • Up to 2 kilos per letter

Tell me what to do



Order in My Post and pay by invoice. Use a printed postage impression as a franking mark.

You can also choose to frank with stamps or a franking machine

If you use EDI - Electronic Data Interchange, you will get favourable rates, simple procedures and control of your registered letters.

You can order labels for registered letters at your local Post office..



We will deliver your mailing within 3 working days within Norway.  If the notification is sent by mail, it will take 2 - 3 days.

For Europe, you should estimate 3-5 working days, and for the rest of the world up to 11 working days. 

A complete and correct address plays a major role in ensuring that your mail is delivered to the right recipient without delay.

The recipient

The recipient

Your recipient will collect the letter from their nearest Post office or Post in Shop.

If the recipient is unable to collect the letter, they can authorise someone else to collect it on their behalf.

If the letter is not collected within five days, the recipient will receive a reminder from us. If the item has not been collected within three weeks, it will be returned as a registered letter to your business.

How much does it cost

The postage you pay depends on the size of the letter you're sending, choice of franking method and whether it is domestic or international mail.

Discount options when using EDI transmission or if the letters are facilitated with labels, Postage paid impression and listed in a receipt list.