Terms and conditions registered letters

Terms and conditions registered letters

1. What can be sent?

Mail items up to 2 kilos are accepted as registered letters. The service includes a receipt proving that the letter has been handed-in. The recipient must sign for the delivery and show a valid identification.

2. Formats, measurements and weight

Registered letters are priced in three formats:

Size and weight per format Small Large Maxi
Maximum 17,6 x 25 cm (B5) 25 x 35,3 cm (B4) Larger than25 x 35,3 cm (B4) or more than 2 cm thick
Weight Up to 2 kg Up to 2 kg Up to 2 kg
Minimum Minimum measurements for all letters are 9 x 14 cm Minimum measurements for all letters are 9 x 14 cm Minimum measurements for all letters are 9 x 14 cm

Maximum size for letters:
Length maximum 60 cm
Length + with + thickness not more than 90 cm
Larger items can be sent as parcels

Items in roll format:

Minimum: Length at least 10 cm. Length + double diameter must be at least 17 cm.
Maximum: Length maximum 90 cm. Length + double diameter must not exceed 104 cm.

3. Prices and discounts

Registered letters are priced per item in three formats, with discounted prices when using EDI transmission, or if the letters are manually facilitated and sorted before handed in. Postage can be paid as of invoice or by franking machine and stamps. Se price lists.

4. Postage and labelling

Postage Paid Indicia must be printed on the letter if the postage is to be paid as of invoice. Otherwise postage must be paid by Franking machine or Stamps. In addition, the letters must be fitted with a label containing a bar code and registration number. Labels are available at your post office free of charge.

If using EDI transmission the registration number is automatically printed on to the label.

5. Sender/return address

The sender/return address must be clearly stated on all registered letters marked with Postage paid indicia (paid as per invoice).

6. Addressing

A registered letter cannot be addressed to two or more persons, with the exception of a firm or company.

7. Content restrictions

Items witin Norway, there are restrictions regarding money and securities.
Items abroad, there are restrictions regarding money/banknotes money/banknotes, gold, silver, platinum, precious stones or other valuable items. Please note that each country may have their own restrictions on contents in registered letters. Contact customer service for further information.

8. Handing in

Registered letters must always be kept separately from other mail. Handing-in points are Business centres, Post offices and Post in Shops. If your company has a mail collection agreement with us, the registered letters can be delivered to the driver. The letters must be franked, fitted with the label for registered letters and listed in a receipt list.

Registered letters cannot be posted in a regular box.

9. Delivery

The delivery time to recipient is normally 3 working days by electronic notification to the reception. If the notification is sent by mail, it takes an 2-3 days exstra. If the recipient's mobile number or email address is registered upon submission, we can notify electronically. Track and trace is available

10. Collection

The recipient will be notified by mail or SMS when the registered letter has arrived at the local Post Office/ Post in shop. The recipient must sign for and identify himself/herself with an approved identification. The letter can also be delivered using authorization in writing from the recipient.

Collection deadline

If the registered letters is not collected within 3 weeks, the letter will be returned to sender. A reminder will be sent the recipient after 5 days. Return after 3 weeks.

11. Invoicing

EDI registration, consignment note from the web shop or a manual order form serves as bases for the invoice. See general payment terms, Posten Norge AS.

12. Liability

Posten Norge AS’ liability is regulated under the Norwegian Post Act § 28 and General terms and conditions of delivery for postal services. The maximum liability concerning registered letters is NOK 1,000.00 per letter.

13. Complaints

Complaints must be addressed to Bring Customer Service - kundeservice@bring.com