Return business groupage

Make it easy for your customers with smooth returns. We offer an extra service where we include a label and mark the goods

  • Simple returns process for your customers
  • The customer receives a pre-completed returns label with the correct marking
  • Returns shipments are trackable

Simple returns scheme where your company pays shipment for the returns. The service is ordered as a separate shipment, and if you wish, Bring can mark the goods for you. We then use the label from the sender. The coverage area is the entire country.

A fork lift is loading the goods onto a Bring trailer

How much does it cost?

How to calculate the price:

The service costs the same as when ordering parcels per package (with some exceptions.)

Prices increase by 5.2 % from December 1, 2021.

Download the Transport guide from July 1, 2021 (pdf)

What do you need to know?

Service specifications:

Maximum total weight: 3 500 kg
Maximum/package: 1 200 kg
Maximum dimensions: 240 cm or two sides exceeding 200 cm.

Packages that deviate from the maximum dimensions or weight will result a price surchage for special goods.

How to proceed

Ordering and pick-up

Order via EDI or Mybring. Print out the returns label and send it to the customer or inform us to take it.

Packing and packaging

The customer packs the goods in a suitable manner and ensures that the shipment is marked. 

During transport

The shipment is collected at the recipient’s address, from the outer door for smaller parcels and from the goods ramp/ground floor for larger shipments. We collect from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The shipment can be tracked along the way.

Receive the returns

The goods are delivered to you, either at the door or at the goods ramp/ground floor.