Surcharges and Additional services for domestic cargo

Prices from December 1, 2021:

Notification: NOK 299 per shipment
Extra delivery attempt (2nd delivery): NOK 573 per shipment
Surcharge for failed pick-up attempt: NOK 573 per show-up
Incorrect addressing: NOK 58, per item
Credit fee: NOK 155 per invoice
Error / missing EDI: NOK 119 per shipment
Warehouse rent (warehouse rent beyond 2 working days per started day): NOK. 55 per 100 kg, min. NOK 110
Wrong weight / size: NOK 41 per parcel, the charge will maximum be for 4 parcels per shipment
Wrong customer number: NOK 809 per hour
Incorrect shipment number: NOK 809 per hour
Failure to book Business partload: Priced as Business Groupage
Late booking Business partload: NOK 645 per assignment
Incomplete packaging: NOK 0-30 dm3. 106, - 31-200 dm3 NOK 212, - 201-500 dm3 NOK 318, - over 500 dm3 NOK 459, -
Lack of documentation dangerous goods: NOK 645 per shipment
Work by agreement: From NOK 939 per hour from the started 15 minutes

Prices from December 1, 2021

Notification: NOK 299
Crane truck: Per hour
Labeling: NOK 113 per item
Recipient shipping: NOK 265 per shipment
Third party pays: NOK 241 per shipment
Printout, manually registered waybill: NOK 120
Pallet handling (Exchange of EUR pallet): NOK 59 per pallet
Security Advising: Price per hour
Special goods: 25% addition of net customer shipping
Dangerous goods: 25% addition of net customer shipping
Heating goods: 25% addition of net customer shipping
Driver calls: NOK 112 per shipment
Provide label: NOK 152