Terms and conditions insured letters

Valid from 07.07.2020

What can be sent

Mail items up to 2 kilos can be sent as insured letter. The service includes a receipt proving that the letter has been handed-in. The recipient must sign for the delivery and show valid identification.


Limited to one recipient only. A letter can be addressed to one company or one person, not to multiple persons.


The value of content is limited to NOK 40 000,- If several insured letters are sent from one sender to the same recipient, the limit is NOK 40 000,- per day.

Labelling and sealing

The value must be written on the front of the letter. The value can be stated as the actual or a lower value to a maximum of NOK 40,000. Money and stamps must be stated with the actual value.

The letter should be sealed with Posten Norge AS -approved sealing tape. A signature or company stamp should be visible under the tape. Sealing tape can be purchased from Posten.

Handing in

Insured letters must be handed in at a post office or selected Post in Shops.


Insured letter is a domestic service. Delivery time from sender to recipient is normally 5-6 workdays.


Insured letters can be tracked using our tracking service.


Up to NOK 40,000

Posten Norge AS is not liable for subsequent damages; cf. General Terms and Conditions for Postal Services. If you would like insurance against subsequent damages the Express - Overnight service, which includes compensation for subsequent damages, is recommended


Up to 2 kg


Same as for letters


You will get a receipt with a tracking number.


The recipient will be notified by mail or SMS when the insured letter has arrived at the local Post Office. The recipient must sign for and identify himself/herself with an approved ID.  The letter can also be delivered using authorization in writing from the recipient.

If the insured letter is not collected within two weeks, the letter will be returned to sender. A reminder will be sent the recipient after 5 days. Return after 2 weeks.

General terms and conditions

Posten Norge AS’ liability is regulated under the Norwegian Post Act § 28 and General terms and conditions of delivery for postal services.